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Learning Spanish with comprehensible input is very effective. “Arriving at the Hotel” is an easy Spanish conversation for beginners. We included slow pronunciation and English subtitles to help you understand. You will learn lots of everyday vocabulary and phrases that are used in a simple Spanish conversation. This lesson is part of our full program which contains over 400 lessons and 1000 exercises to cover everything you need to know in the Spanish language.

Understanding How to Learn a New Language

Whether you are learning a new language or wanting to improve your language skills, whether that is English or another foreign language, you will find an invaluable insight into the skills you need in this article. The article explores the initial acquisition of language and gives useful tips on learning strategies and approaches. Written by a language teacher for language learners.

Advantages of Learning Spanish

Individuals who learn Spanish as their second or third language have better opportunities in life. They are able to develop their communication and best way to learn Spanish skills not only for their personal development but for their career advancement as well.

7 Reasons to Learn Japanese

Have you ever considered learning a new language? Here’s 7 reasons why you should learn Japanese!

Tips to Learning Spanish Quickly

People can still learn to speak other languages like the best method to learn Spanish. Though children are more likely to learn faster, there are some things that adults can do to facilitate their learning of the Spanish language for personal development or for career advancement.

Basic Language Structure in Japanese

I thought I’d kick off the new week with a look at basic sentence structure in Japanese. I realize that some readers may already be familiar with some of the points I will raise here but I figure it will be a good one to have in the archives for people to go back and refresh from time to time. So we’ll take a look at a basic Japanese sentence and a few of its components and take a bit of a look at how it can be broken down to make many other sentences.

Top 7 Best Ways to Learn an American Accent

Get seven great tips on how to learn or strengthen an American accent when speaking English. Learn some pointers on how to focus on making the right sounds at the right time.

Learn Biblical Greek: Memorizing the Present Active Indicative Paradigm

Learn the Biblical Greek present active indicative paradigm using “mnemonics” (memory helps). This unique method allows for near instant memorization of the Greek paradigm without relying on rote memory drilling.

Is Learning Spanish Difficult? A Guide to Successfully Learning a Second Language

Are you interested in learning Spanish, but not sure if you are ready to learn a new language? Do you feel intimidated by trying to learn Spanish on your own? This article will address some of the common misconceptions people have about learning a second language and help you better understand your capacity for learning a new language. One of the keys is that you determine beforehand why you want to learn Spanish and how proficient you want to become.

Benefits of Group Conversation in Learning English for Foreign Learners

There are different types of learners. There are some that learn through visual cues, wherein they need to see what they want to learn or study. There should be pictures or visual aids for them to properly digest and absorb what are being taught to them.

How to Keep Your French Going Once You Have Finished a Qualification in the Language

In my previous articles, I have highlighted the importance of learning French in schools and also the cultural differences I discovered whilst teaching English in a French primary school during my Year Abroad. This article follows the theme of education a little further by discussing how to continue with the French language after GCSE, A-level or even a degree. The most obvious answer to this question would be “keep practising the language”.

Learning English in French Schools – Cultural Differences

As far as we in Britain are concerned, French is a “take it or leave it” language. Some of us, and this number I dare say is decreasing, take it but the majority of us appear to want to leave it for the reason that “every country speaks English now so we don’t need to learn French (or any other language).” Well, each to their own; my previous article how important I feel it is to continue teaching children French so I’m not going to repeat myself now.

Metaphor in Song Lyric

No one can deny the role of music in human life. People listen to music for a variety of reasons: to entertain, to relax, to escape from their tiring and frustrating life, etc. A question can be raised: “How can music get the ability to do all of those tasks?” It is the song lyrics where we can find the answer.

How To Learn French: French For Beginners

When learning French for beginners you need every helping hand you can to get to grips with the language. Find out some of the key things you can do to help make learning to speak French enjoyable and easy for you.

Easy Ways for Kids to Practice Writing Prompts

Children’s minds are like blank canvas. Paint whatever you want to. They might feel confused when they want to think of something that they don’t know.

Creating Better Teachers Creates a Better Future

There are several factors which help the creation of good teachers. There are external influences and internal motivations.

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