Learn Spanish with movies: Finding Nemo (*advanced*)

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Are you looking to learn Spanish with movies? Today we’re going to be breaking down the mega-successful movie Finding Nemo. This amazing movie was, luckily, dubbed to Spanish and, even better, the Spanish trailer of the movie is available in FluentU! The reason why you should be learning Spanish with movies is simple: it’s way easier to absorb information when you’re having fun. In short, whenever you’re playing games, or consuming real-world media, learning Spanish goes from being a task, to being a passive task!

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Besides, if you take the leap and decide to start learning Spanish with movies, with trailers, with real-world media, basically, you’ll see that you can still have intense learning lessons. Look at it this way: you can read a textbook through and learn a few words, some concepts and that’s it. You’ve absorbed some new Spanish words and maybe understand some new concepts. However, imagine if, instead, you decide to put on a Spanish movie (either originally Spanish or dubbed): you are going to learn how some Spanish words sound in different scenarios, you’re going to train your ears, you’re going to have fun AND, if you use a platform like FluentU to learn Spanish with movies, you now suddenly have double subtitles, definitions, flashcards & quizzes! It’s like you’ve suddenly taken that Spanish textbook & turned it into a super powerful language learning tool.

So, stop spending so much time with the books – you don’t talk with them! Learn Spanish with real people, with content made FOR Spanish speakers and take your language control to the next level. By the way, have you ever heard of FluentU before? I know this might sound biased, but if you’re looking to learn Spanish WAY faster than you could with a textbook, learning Spanish with movies, and with trailers, and speeches and music and the list goes on, FluentU is the tool that you need.

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We want to help you learn Spanish with real-world videos so that you can speak like a native!

Our program takes authentic Spanish videos like commercials, music videos, and inspiring talks and turns them into personalized learning experiences.

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Movie Trailer of Finding Nemo
01:48 Learning Spanish with Finding Nemo
13:22 Learn Spanish with FluentU

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