Learn the Most Common Spices and Herbs in Mexico

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In this video you will Learn the Most Common Spices and Herbs in Mexico.

If you are an absolute beginner Spanish learner, this video is made for you. Our hosts express themselves in simple Spanish and English. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your Spanish language study. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Spanish.

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Children Learning and Speaking Two Languages

We are now living in a very diversified culture and society. It is natural to find people who are speaking at least two languages, are bilingual. But there are some bilingual parents or even those who are not, that are afraid that their teaching their children two languages would make them confused. Is learning two languages beneficial to our kids?

Simple How to – Learning Chinese Online

Do you consider teaching yourself Chinese as hard? Really hard? Why so? Maybe you have been studying the far east language for quite a long time. Maybe you are just beginning to dive in this new adventure. Whatever you have heard about learning the Chinese language: forget it!

Prepare Well and Ace Your TOEFL Test

Before you sit for your TOEFL (test of English as a Foreign Language) test, be sure to set aside time to prepare for this important assessment. Like many other tests, and especially so for such a language test, there is no short cut to a high TOEFL score – you have to earn it. The ETS introduced the Internet-based test (iBT) system in 2005 which allows test-takers around the world to sit for the test more conveniently. They have added a speaking component, expanded the writing section and revised the test such that you would have to use your English language skills in an integrative manner.

How to Plan Your Own Language Learning

Most language-acquisition products come with a built-in learning system that’s designed to guide students in a structured manner. You can usually follow whatever learning path your main product prescribes to varying results.

Editing Services For ESL Writers

Need to write a document in English, but your second language skills may not be up to par? Don’t worry all that much about it. There’s probably an editing service that can help you.

Learning a New Language is Natural to You

According to Noam Chomsky, all languages share common grammatical building blocks, such as nouns, verbs and pronouns. These “linguistic universals” permeate through all of human speech, making it just a tad easier to adapt to new languages.

Cliches For ESL Writers

Cliches are the bane of many ESL speakers, especially when writing. Since they’re not attuned to the nuances of a language, many tend to misinterpret what many of these “clever-sounding strings of words” actually mean.

How to Practice a New Language For Introverts

Language learning, despite the popularity of software-based language training, can’t be a solitary pursuit. After all, language itself was designed as means to communicate.

Using Humor in Language Learning

Everyone loves the funnies. Even language learners. Since time immemorial, a good laugh has always helped accomplish many things, from bringing people together to making difficult things easier to digest.

The Easy to Learn Spanish Course – What it Should Contain

Learning a new language is not a simple task. Without the right teacher, course or learning method, one can go through hours of tedious learning and a lot of frustration before seeing any acceptable results.

ESL English Listening Comprehension Activity For the Classroom

An ESL teacher always needs to get his students speaking and listening to English. As we all know, our students many times don’t hear English outside of class. Many immigrants work and live with people who don’t speak English.

Why Learn Spanish Expressions to Speak Spanish at Work

Now that Spanish is spoken in virtually every work environment, those who choose to learn common Spanish expressions stay ahead in the ultra competitive job market. Find out how easy it is to learn to speak Spanish.

Language Study Off the Beaten Path – A Better Method

You cannot just be thrown into Madrid, spend your weekends traveling and your evenings partying and expect to become fluent in Spanish. No, for most people, it takes a bit more effort and immersion in order to get it right, and here is why choosing to do a language study off the beaten path is a better method.

Discover Why Learning Spanish on CD Can Be a Simple Way to Learn Spanish

Hola amigo! Are you interested in learning Spanish on CD? Well, being that you are reading this article, I guess it is safe to say that the answer is yes. As you will find there are many methods on learning the Spanish language. One of those methods is to learn Spanish on CDs. In this article we will discuss why learning Spanish on a CD can be a simple way of learning to speak Spanish.

Learn to Talk Spanish Fast

Ready to learn to talk Spanish fast? Then wait no longer! Read on to learn how.

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