Must-Know Spanish Grammar Terms

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In this video, we will teach you Must-Know Spanish Grammar Terms. This is the best place to start learning the Spanish language!

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Learning Spanish Verb Tenses

Learning all the different Spanish verb tenses is a really important part of the Spanish learning process. You need to practice regularly and revise the tenses in different ways (by speaking, writing, reading and listening) but there isn’t really a quick solution to this. This article provides advice on how to get your head around Spanish verbs and some of my ways to remember those tricky tenses.

Teach Yourself To Speak Chinese

Once you have decided to learn Chinese, set aside a few minutes of your time. Let it be a time when you are alert and ready to absorb information.

Start Speaking Chinese In 3 Simple Steps

Is it really possible to speak Chinese in a day? Yes and No. If you only intend to learn simple greetings, must-know questions, and other common phrases, then it is possible to start talking Chinese in just a couple of days.

Why You Should Consider Learning Chinese Online

Of course, if you have the time and budget, then go for it. However, for those whose time and money do not suffice, the next best option is to check out Chinese lessons online.

So You Want To Learn Chinese?

Now that you have decided to learn a second language, you are on your way to being bilingual…and who knows, in the future, a polyglot. If you want to learn Chinese, you have to brace yourself with the many options that are available.

The Difference Between Language and Vocabulary

Children learn to speak through observing the world around them. This articles addresses the beginnings of how infants build their world and translate what they see and hear into spoken language. Without this stimulation, children experience extreme difficulties learning to read in school.

Things You Need To Know Before Learning Chinese

Chinese language is heavily dependent on proper intonation. Chinese as a spoken language is better understood if you begin with the phonemes.

Some Things To Consider When Learning Chinese

There are several options available when it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese. One is by attending a foreign language classes in your neighborhood. Another is by asking a friend who speaks Mandarin to give you one-on-one lessons.

The Best Way To Learn Chinese Is To Go To China

In the modern age of globalization, China has opened its doors to other countries, not only in Asia but also to the Western world. It’s a good thing they offer scholarships to foreign individuals in their reputable universities. If you are very eager to learn Chinese, it is a nice idea to spend some time in the country and enroll in open courses as an exchange student.

Advanced Spanish: Top Free Online Resources

There is a huge and diverse range of online Spanish materials available to help you progress from beginner to intermediate and then advanced level Spanish. There are opportunities to read, write, listen and speak Spanish on the internet and this article tells you exactly where to find the best Spanish resources to do so. These are my top 5 recommended resources for intermediate and advanced level Spanish speakers.

Learn Spanish: Top 3 Spanish News Sites

Reading the Spanish news is an excellent way to expand your Spanish vocabulary and improve your Spanish writing skills. There is an excellent range of Spanish news resources, covering a massive range of Spanish topics, and therefore you certainly won’t get bored or run out of stuff to read. You can tailor your reading exactly to your Spanish needs and interests. This article recommends 3 Spanish news sites which offer a fantastic amount of interesting Spanish articles, as well as my top tips on how to make the most of the resources they offer.

How To Avoid A Common Spelling Error In The Spanish Language

Let’s talk about how to avoid common spelling errors in Spanish. There was one thing that used to always confuse me when I first started learning Spanish. When hearing a Spanish word for the first time, and you have never seen the word written before and the word has a “b” or “v” sound, how do you know if you should spell the word with the letter “b” or the letter “v.”

Spanish Writing: Top Tips and Resources

Writing Spanish isn’t as easy as just replicating the Spanish you read – you need to be able to construct opinions and present information independently, and therefore practicing writing Spanish regularly yourself is essential. Reading Spanish gets you used to different Spanish structures and phrases but there are other resources online and tips to follow which will improve your Spanish writing rapidly. This article contains some useful tips and pointers to other resources to improve your Spanish writing.

Common Mistake Made When Using Reflexive Verbs in Spanish

Today I am going to talk about a common mistake that English speaker often make with reflexive verbs in Spanish. I have a story to share with you that will help illustrate my point. A couple days, I was in a recording studio recording our podcast lessons. And there is a section of every podcast that we do called “Los Consejos Para No Sonar Como Un Gringo” (Advice Not To Sound Like a Gringo.)

Learning Spanish: How to Collect, Remember and Expand Spanish Vocab

Whether you are a total beginner, or advanced speaker, expanding your Spanish vocab is really important. This article provides a useful method to help you find, organise and eventually remember new Spanish vocab.

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