Practice your Spanish listening skills

In this video I will read a text so you can practice your Spanish comprehension skills. You will learn many Spanish verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs – in context. I used a text written by a Spanish native speaker so that you see how naturally the Spanish language flows. This video will not only help you learn to understand oral Spanish, but will also help you speak Spanish in an idiomatic way. With this video I hope to help you understand Spanish when your hear it. While reading the text I will take the opportunity to go over some terms, phrases, and verbs that are important not only in this story, but in the Spanish language world. This type of class will improve your vocabulary and grammar while also helping your pronunciation and understanding.

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Rocket Italian Review – 7 Unique Features

So, what is this language program about? In short, Rocket Italian is a bunch of various learning tools for the Italian language. There’re lessons, activities (games and vocabulary building tools) and motivation material.

Learn to Speak Chinese

Countries around the world are trying to make business deal with the super power country of China which is now growing fast economically. With the fast economic growth in China, great job opportunities are open so that more people worldwide are considering a Career in China.

How to Learn Spanish With the Help of a Tutor

Online Spanish courses and ‘learn Spanish’ software are very popular methods of learning Spanish but hiring a tutor to help you to learn Spanish is an excellent option, especially for those who can afford such a luxury, however for the vast majority of people it is a method of learning Spanish that is rarely used and this is mainly down to cost. Nowadays, there are an increasing number of companies that are hiring tutors to teach employees Spanish in order to improve their functionality both in the workplace and when they are involved in business dealings involving Spanish clients.

Learn the Chinese Language

As China becomes more dominant in the world markets and economy, the need for those who speak Chinese continues to climb in the business community. Unlike many languages, learning Chinese can be challenging for a few reasons. First of all, Chinese is written in symbols, not in traditional letters we are accustomed to.

Learn Spanish Verb Conjugation Easier

Spanish verb conjugation is probably the most difficult lesson to learn in speaking Spanish. This is because there are so many different variations of each and every verb for ever tense. Another thing that makes this lesson complication is that Spanish has a large number of irregular verbs that should be mastered individually.

Learn to Speak French

French as they say is the most romantic language and its Europe’s second language. In fact learning French is very important that it is part of English primary school. Probably the best way to learn French language is by starting at a young age. Children can easily comprehend and catch up.

Learn Spanish Using the New Techniques of a Spanish Learning Software

Concepts of learning vary as more innovations take place. The same is true with languages. In this age, a language can be best learned if you use a language learning software. So, when you buy a Spanish learning software, you should ensure that it offers you a complete package in teaching you the language. You should not only be able to speak Spanish but also read and write the language.

Spanish Vocabulary Words and How to Say Your Geometrical Shapes in Spanish

In today’s Spanish lesson, you will learn some new vocabulary words in Spanish covering geometrical shapes. I decided to write this lesson after one student emailed me and said “Anna, I am a beginner student. I am unable to find much basic information on how to say the names of different shapes. Can you help me out please?

Learn and Speak Italian in Weeks

Though this article is not going to help you to start speaking Italian like natives, but it will encourage you to learn the language. It will also give you some of the inside tips which will make it really easy for you to learn speak Italian language. You will also find some of the reasons to learn the Italian in the following paragraphs. So keep reading and you will not be disappointed at all.

Learn Spanish Fast In the Comfort of Your Home

People who are bilingual or multilingual or those who know more than one language have a huge advantage in almost any field or profession. That is the main reason why there are people who takes time to study different languages.

Improve Your Vocabulary

There is never an age when you should stop learning. You may have gone through high school and college and started your career, but that does not mean that you are done learning new things. In fact, you should try to learn until the day that you die. One thing that can help you learn more and that can also improve your life and your career is to improve your vocabulary. There are a quite a few ways that you can go about this, and you can do it alone or with a few friends if you wish. It’s not hard either.

English is the Language of Hope in South Africa

There are eleven names for South Africa: one in each of the official languages. In theory, all eleven languages have the same status, but in practice English dominates. It is the language of higher education, commerce, science, technology and government. However, it is not only the fourth most spoken language after Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans. It is not even the most popular language amongst white South Africans.

Use Kid’s Songs to Learn Japanese

Most language learners give up after only a few weeks. Why? Because they don’t make their studying fun. We might think studying isn’t doing us any good when it is fun, but actually when we don’t have fun, we soon grow frustrated and give up. Here is a good way to add that fun back into your studying: By using kids songs!

American Accent Training For Native Chinese Speakers

Recently, I started working with a computer programmer who is native Chinese. She has lived in the United States for only ten months. She was having difficulty pronouncing final consonants in reference to word endings.

What is the JLPT?

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test or JLPT is an examination that is used to test the proficiency of non-native speakers of Japanese and certify or grade their ability. This is a common requirement for the foreigners wanting to enroll into Japanese universities and also for some Japanese companies wanting to employ outsiders. It is important for companies that want to invest in outsourced labor make sure that the foreigners they hire will not have problems communicating with Japanese company employees.

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