Practice Your Spanish Pronunciation with Tongue Twisters

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In this video, we will tell you how to practice your Spanish pronunciation with tongue twisters.
We want to help you improve all your skills: Spanish grammar, Spanish listening, Spanish reading, Spanish speaking, Spanish writing, Spanish vocabulary and Mexican culture knowledge.
This is the best place to start learning the Spanish language!

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Language Learning Brick Walls

Every language learner runs into brick walls of some sort during their studies. You know the deal – you find yourself stuck at a particular area of the subject that you can’t seem to get over, whether that be an element of the language, a lesson or a practical exercise.

Language Software Learning Tips For First-Timers

New to language learning? Here are a few tips to make the process easier.

Learning to Write by Reading More

When you’re learning to write in a foreign language, reading is an equally important aspect of the process. Simply put, the stronger of a reader you are in the vernacular, the more you are likely to develop the necessary nuances to become a good writer.

Fixing Your Pronunciation Can Improve Your Accent Instantly

When first speaking a new foreign language, your accent will naturally be very different from those of native speakers. As an English speaker, your speech will naturally reflect the many learned aspects of English you’ve been using all your life.

Language Learning and Embracing the Culture

Acquiring a new language is as much about being a part of the source country’s culture, as it is about memorizing vocabulary and grammar. Mastering a manner and a whole structure of speaking inevitably compels you to learn about the people and the way of life behind it – that’s as plain as it can get.

Your Options For a Language Learning Immersion

Immersing yourself in a language, along with its accompanying culture, is one of the best ways to acquire it. In fact, many contend it’s the only way to complete master it.

Letter Associations and Pronunciation

One of the lessons you will have to pick up when learning a new language is the pronunciation of various characters in its alphabet. With some languages, this could be pretty straightforward, with one distinct sound for each element. Others, however, may not be so forgiving, requiring you to combine the context of its usage into the overall enunciation.

How to Set Language Learning Goals

While it may not seem it, at first glance, goal-setting is a crucial aspect of language learning. Sure, you can dive into your language teaching software without so much as an idea of why you’re doing, but that limits you in many ways.

Jobs For Multi-Lingual Speakers

Have grand dreams of being a multi-lingual speaker? It ain’t too shabby being one, with plenty of career opportunities available within your grasp.

Language Learning in Your Later Years

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Nonsense, I tell you.

Quality and Cost – Two Good Reasons to Employ a Translation Software

A translation software, no matter how good, will never replace a seasoned consultant. There, I said it. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many instances when a language translation software won’t prove to be a better choice.

Learning Languages With a Partner

Most people can’t learn a language all on their own (actually, I’m more inclined to think that no one can). Despite the availability of individually-geared language learning tools, interacting with other people is usually a big part of the acquisition process.

Does Language Learning Makes You Feel Bored?

Most language learners start out their lessons with an unusually high level of fervor. This gradually comes down, eventually settling at an average level of enthusiasm for many.

Is Your Learning Style in Sync With Your Learning Situation?

There are a multitude of ways to learn a language. We’ve probably covered most of them here. In the same way, we all have different learning styles that allow us to acquire knowledge much more effectively.

Improving Your English Writing – Where to Find Help

Looking to improve your ability to write in English? You’re not alone.

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