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In this video you will learn more about Spanish Gender exceptions, through simple explanation.
If you are an absolute beginner Spanish learner, this video is made for you. Our hosts express themselves in simple Spanish and English. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your Spanish language study. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Spanish.

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Teaching English – Some Easy Ideas

Do you want to learn how to teach English language learners but don’t have the time and or resources to attend a traditional program? Or, do you need to brush up? Try these easy suggestions. You’ll be rewarded ten-fold.

A Tentative Etymology

Following a trail that began with the word tentative lead me eventually to fascinating new insights related to several well known Greek myths. And in the course of the journey, I also began to develop an ever greater appreciation for the genius of those who originally wrote and embellished the myths.

ESL Teaching – A Wonderful Way to See the World

Keen to visit varied lands and be paid for doing so? Then why not consider ESL teaching? You don’t necessarily need to have a university degree, although a good educational background is desirable and, of course, you’ll need to be a native English speaker, or with a really good knowledge of the language.

JET Program – Experience Japan and Earn an Income

The JET Program is an ideal way for young people to get to know Japan, whilst earning an income at the same time. But, what exactly is JET, how does it differ from other English-teaching jobs in Japan, who can apply, and what qualifications do you need?

Teaching English in Japan – 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching English in Japan is a wonderful way of getting to know the country whilst getting paid at the same time. But, what qualifications do you need, and how do you secure a suitable job?

Common Learning-Spanish Mistake – Never Use Possessive Adjectives After Reflexive Verbs

I have noticed that there is a tendency for English speakers to incorrectly use possessive adjectives after reflexive verbs. This is an absolute NO-NO in Spanish. In Spanish, we do not use possessive adjectives after reflexive verbs.

The 3 Most Popular Learning French Websites

The internet is a very good source of information today and you can even learn new languages online. If you search for websites that offer French lessons, you’ll most likely have come into contact with the following Learning French websites.

Advantages When You Take French Lessons Online

People nowadays have different hobbies to fill up their past times. For people who are adventurous, there’s always rock climbing, waterskiing, and even bungee jumping. For those who like staying doors, there are a lot of hobbies as well, although they may not be as physically demanding. Learning new languages is one of those hobbies to consider.

Using the Word “Is” in Tagalog

I have been trying to study the Tagalog language for a while now. The company I work for in the United States has assigned me to work in the Philippines. Since I have a two year working contract with a firm here, I want to learn Filipino (Tagalog) in order to better communicate with those I meet.

Rosetta Stone Spanish Review

Spanish is a popular language, which many people around the world like to learn. Europeans use it commonly for communicating with one another. Numerous language-learning programs help people to learn Spanish. However, a new technique for achieving this language is using software.

Tips For Learning French Fast

Learning any language can bring its own rewards and if you are learning French there are some easy techniques you can use to make learning French fast. Whether you are learning French because you have a vacation booked that includes visiting France or you are learning it because you always wanted to the following tips will help you to use the French language easier and quicker. Read the Language As you learn French words start to read the French language.

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Immersing yourself in the English language is the key to reaching the level of English proficiency. How? This articles tells you how.

Speak Fluent English – Reasons For Learning English

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Properly Study Spanish Grammar Using the Following Rules

People could notice Spanish words tend to be pronounced quickly. Consequently, people may believe gaining knowledge in the Spanish dialect is challenging. Nevertheless, an individual will effectively learn Spanish grammar once he or she remembers a couple helpful guidelines.

Don’t Speak Spanish With Your English Mouth

The biggest difficulty native English speakers have when learning Spanish is getting the sounds right. We spend so much time and effort learning verb conjugations and word gender, and still wonder why we have a terrible accent.

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