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The Importance of Certified Translation Services

At a time when you are looking for translation services, it is necessary to look for providers who are certified. This helps immensely because as a company which wants to maintain its reputation in the global market, it is necessary that translations be carried out properly to avoid any embarrassment to the company’s name.

Understanding The Significance of Translation Services

Translation’s origin coincides with the very first instance of trade. The foundation of the language industry was laid when individuals started to facilitate trade by acting as intermediary facilitators between traders from different regions.

Varieties of English: They Speak English But Can You Understand Them?

English language listening comprehension skills are some of the most difficult to acquire. One considerastion is due to the many varieties of spoken English. This article discusses some of these varieties, provides some reference examples and suggestions to listen to and distinguish them.

English Grammar Tips: How to Determine When to Use Their, There, or They’re in English Grammar

There is often quite a bit of confusion with the use of homonyms in English. So how can your learners determine when to use the vocabulary there, their and the contraction they’re. These all sound exactly the same when spoken and can pose problems for your English as a foreign language learners. Here’s how to distinguish them and end the confusion now, including a bit of reinforcement practice with each.

Five Tips for Using Movies to Help Learn a New Language

If your learners are anything at all like mine, they love watching movies and videos. Why not capitalize on this by using movies to help them learn their new foreign language? In this article we look at five focused ways to do so.

How to Use a Recipe to Teach English As a Foreign Language

One useful aspect in teaching English as a foreign language is the topic of food. We all love to eat. Your students may be experiencing new foods and flavors due to relocating from their homeland. Why not use this as part of their cultural orientation? This article discusses ways to successfully incorporate food topics into the language learning class room. So why not try one of these ideas with your learners next week?

4 Tips to Maximize Your Time With a Language Exchange Speaking Partner

If you’re learning another language, you might think about finding a language exchange partner to help you practice your speaking skills. Here are 4 essential tips to help both of you maximize your time together.

Heads Up Language Learners: What Soap Operas Can Teach You

As if learning another language wasn’t hard enough, what happens when native speakers say one thing and mean another? A lesson in pragmatics, courtesy of your favorite second language soap opera, may be just what you need.

Intelligence or Motivation? Which Is The Key To Language Learning Success

When you hear that someone learned one (or two or three) languages as an adult, the first thing that you probably think is, “Dang! You’re smart!” Yes, intelligence is important, but motivation levels the playing field when it comes to determining who will (or won’t) succeed in learning a foreign or second language.

How to Learn Any Foreign Language

How to learn a foreign language Language acquisition is complex; it’s one of the reasons I love it so much. You’re dealing with 4 distinct, but connected abilities – reading, writing, listening and speaking – which are in turn connected to countless separate, yet related facts – grammar rules, vocabulary words, pronunciation, etc. Figuring out how to work on each and every one of these aspects independently and as a whole has been a hobby as well as passion of mine for the last eight years.

2 Free Language Learning Websites To Connect With Live Native Speakers

Need help learning another language? Here are two great free resources to connect you with native speakers.

6 Types of Questions in English You Need To Know

This article presents 6 types of questions in English you should know as a language teacher. An utterance is a question if it has one or more of these four markers: rising intonation; inverted word order; a question word: who, what, where, when, how, how, why: or the word or. The different types of questions are differentiated based on the presence of the marker(s).

The Best Strategy for Improving Beginning and Intermediate Second Language Speaking Skills

Speaking in another language is by far one of the hardest skills to develop. If you’re a beginning or intermediate learner, listening to yourself speaking aloud is the perfect strategy for you!

The Inner Game of Language Learning

Learning a foreign language is fast becoming a necessary component of living in the modern world. This turns out to be a lot of fun for some but a huge chore for others. By asking ourselves a few questions before and during our learning journey, we can make it easier and more pleasurable for ourselves and so set ourselves up for success.

The Language of Brazil

Quench your mind with the knowledge it thirsts upon having read the language of Brazil. The author will enlighten your linguistic senses with information about the Brazilian Portuguese language.

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