Spanish Listening Practice – Choosing a Seat on a Flight in Mexico

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In this lesson, you will improve your listening comprehension skills from a Mexican Spanish conversation about choosing a seat on a plane.

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5 Benefits of Learning to Speak in English Effectively

To begin with, the most basic and primary benefit of being able to speak in English is that it is considered to be the language used in global business communications. Speaking in English helps you as an individual to communicate easily with others, whether it is your personal life or the professional arena.

The Amazing Benefits of Learning English Online

An undeniable fact is that English is a language that is essential for one and all to adapt. It is considered as one of the greatest skills one can develop to be successful on the business as well as personal front. This incredible language also opens up great horizons for one, as it tends to strengthen your chances of being a strong, competitive and confident individual.

Special Rules of Grammar for English Speaking

In this globalised world, it is essential to be fluent in English, the global medium of communication. Being proficient in English will open doors for your education, career and social life. It is not enough that you just string together two words to be an expert in English speaking. You should also know how to frame grammatically correct English sentences.

Spanish Translation: Why It Is So Important

Spanish-translation is very important today because more than four hundred million people all over the world speak Spanish. It is an official language not only in United States but also in 21 other countries.

HR Departments Should Use Online Business English Courses for Corporate Training

I am making an argument that since corporate HR departments are starting to use online course, they should also use for their business English training. I also look a little bit at the differences between teaching with virtual classrooms and teaching with Skype.

E-Learning: Learn Wherever You Are!

Learning a language online is a tremendous asset to language learners because they can learn wherever they are and whenever they are available. All that an online language learner needs to get started is a computer with access to the Internet.

English Language Learner: How to Overcome 3 Main Frustrations

Struggling to learn the English Language as an adult is a huge challenge. The reason it’s so difficult is because as an adult you’ve already established your preset notions of your own native language use. As an adult English Language Learner myself, I can definitely relate and would like to share some useful solutions for overcoming three main frustrations when learning this new language. You can probably relate to the following frustrations as I did.

How to Count to 10 in Thai

I would not consider myself to be an expert in Thai language but I can definitely share the basics of the language without difficulties. Now, I will share with you how to count in Thai from 0 to 10.

MFL Approach to Teaching ‘Literacy Through Latin’ at Primary Level

Kirsch tells us that there is no correct way to teach Latin at the Primary level. Whether true or not, it is only relevant if the only goal of teaching Latin is the learning of the Language. If the overall objective is other than to teach Latin, as is the case on the Literacy through Latin course, then different teaching approaches offer different methods that result in specific sets of transferable skills: some of which are more beneficial that others.

An Overview of The IELTS Reading Test

The IELTS reading module takes about 60 minutes. You will have to answer 40 questions based on three reading passages containing between 2000 and 2750 words.

How To Prepare For The IELTS Speaking Test

The IELTS speaking questions often repeat and hence it is a good idea to go through the question papers of recent IELTS tests. This will help you get a basic idea about the kind of questions asked.

Understanding the Different Types of Translation Services

Those who are unfamiliar with foreign languages often assume that there is only one type of translation. Typically, Translators are believed to be people who are fully fluent in multiple languages and therefore geared to tackle any type of translation. In today’s global marketplace, it is no longer possible to have translators who excel at every type of translation. Instead, there are translators who specialise in various areas – this article looks at the different types of translation services in detail.

Aristotelian Tragic Hero in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing

The article explores the existence of the characteristics of a Tragic Hero as suggested by Aristotle, in Shakespeare’s play ” Much Ado About Nothing”. This particularly takes the character of Claudio as a Tragic Hero.

Mobile Applications to Help Improve Your English

With the explosion brought about by Smartphones, the popularity of applications has touched new heights altogether. The market is flooded with apps for everything, you name it and there is an app for that. So much so that there are numerous apps made available that help one improve, or brush up on their skills, personal or professional.

Understanding the Independent Writing Task in TOEFL

The writing section of the TOEFL exam aims at testing your ability to write efficiently. You will be supposed to write well-structured essays with the appropriate syntax, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. In all College settings, students should have the ability to write in a clear and orderly manner. The writing section has only two parts in it, making it all the more important in terms of scoring. There is also less room for error.

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