Spanish Listening Practice – Delivering a Sales Report in Mexican Spanish

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In the Philippines, August Is a Celebration of Buwan Ng Wika

Linguistics or the scientific study of language is greatly influenced by history, culture, social and political factors around the world. In the Philippines, the month of August is designated as Buwan ng Wika, which is celebrated to promote the national language. Buwan ng Wika was previously called Linggo ng Wika (the week of the Philippine language).

Looking to Learn Urdu Language

There are a lot of benefits in mastering an additional language. It usually is quite helpful in many parts of everyday life. A number of people learn a new language viewing it as a spare time activity and exciting hobby, a few for some other reasons. Each nation has their very own national language like English being UK’s and US’s national language.

How to Learn English Effectively

If you are willing to put forth the effort, you will find that you will be able to learn English. The work you put in now will provide you with many benefits in the long term.

Observations on Modern Russian Language: Cause for Concern or Natural Progression?

Language is an evolving phenomenon and my recent trip to Moscow has proved just that. Over the past few years I have read a few articles on how Russian has been massively influenced by the increasing dominance of everything English and how simple English words are slowly ousting perfectly good Russian ones.

Common Questions in the IELTS Writing Exam Under the Academic Module

The article discusses some questions that are commonly used in the IELTS writing tasks. Tips on how to improve one’s skills in the IELTS writing section are also provided.

Tips to Help With Your TOEFL Preparation

If English is not your first language and you want to get into an American university, then you’ll need to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language, otherwise known as the TOEFL exam. This is a very important test and it can also be very difficult as well. However, if you are thoroughly prepared you’ll have the best possible chance of succeeding.

Teaching ESL – Four Tips on Explaining Idioms

Can idioms be explained or do your ESL students just have to learn them by rote? Idioms are an essential part of teaching ESL and English would be dull as ditch water without them. Let’s take a look at some and see how an English teacher could explain them in the classroom.

Bravo! How I Continue to Benefit From Picking Up a Second Language During My College Years

The author recounts his experience learning Italian at during his university experience. He writes how the experience has positively influenced his life today and advocates for second languages for all students today.

A Case For Bilingual Education

If bilingualism has an educational advantage, why don’t our schools support this advantage? Bilingual education programs have the potential to help encourage and support plurilingualism in America and ultimately improve our nation academically.

Finding The Translator You Need

Finding a translator is something that is quite helpful, especially if you are dealing with clients and customers who are from different parts of the world. You may not speak the same language but this does not mean that there has to be a communication gap. A translator can help you understand what the other person is saying and allow you to have a conversation.

The Importance Of Right Language Translation Service Provider

Language translation services are becoming increasingly relevant as more and more businesses across the globe are expanding in order to find new potential customers for their business. With conglomerates spanning across continents and countries, businesses are opening up to new markets across the globe. With the technological strides made in the fields of electronic commerce, businesses can no longer cite geographical distances as a hindrance in their expansion plans.

The Benefits Of Language Translation Services

One of the key requirements of a business, in order to successfully achieve its objectives, is growth. In order to achieve its objectives, a business must be prepared to not only compete on the basis of the products or services provided, but also on the basis of where all their products and services are delivered. In today’s ultra-dynamic business scenarios, growth into territories, where your target audiences lie, is vital to reach them and create awareness about your brand in their minds before the competitors do.

Do Hawaiian Aloha Signs ONLY Mean Hello and Goodbye?

The meaning of the word Aloha. How Aloha is currently used. The meaning of ‘the Aloha spirit’. How ‘the Aloha spirit’ can give our lives joy.

Opportunities With English in Brazil

Learning English for the locals can open opportunities not only to connect with the foreign travelers traveling across various cities but also to create meaningful services for them to quickly start a career. English will open small business opportunities like opening a bed and breakfast service, local guide services and catering services.

Learn Norwegian Language History

The history of the Norwegian language is divided into several periods and developmental steps. Old Norse with The Norse Alphabet, The Plague in 1350 and New Norwegian and Bokmal. Norwegian is a Germanic language and has a common history with the Scandinavian languages as well as the languages spoken on Iceland, Faroe Island, Shetland and the Northern parts of Scotland. It is also closely related to the other Germanic languages as English, Dutch and German.

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