Spanish Listening Practice – Finding A Friend’s Apartment in Mexico

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In this lesson, you will improve your listening comprehension skills from a Mexican Spanish conversation about locating a friend’s apartment.

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Learn About Haitian Culture Through Language

Each country has its own culture, a set of traditions that can best explain an impressive number of things. Even though today, the society is completely and utterly influenced by technology, one must not make the mistake of thinking that culture, more specifically traditions are forgotten. Culture is what defines an individual, it is the background on which an individual is built. Maintaining it and persevering it are of a huge importance, as culture is what separates countries. Culture is what has made Europe and any other continent interesting and fascinating through its diversity. Still, the only question which arises is how one can maintain culture.

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Haitian Creole is an interesting language to master, not only because it has a fascinating history, but also because it possesses several characteristics that set it apart from similar languages. It is quite a young language, its standardization being established no sooner than 1979. If you are interested in languages and culture, then you should definitely learn Haitian Creole, because it is a great experience and you can also find out many interesting things about the rich culture of Haiti. However, as it is the case with many other languages, you will come across some challenges along the way.

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If you aspire to improve the way you speak English, the first thing that you need to understand is that you don’t need to be too keen to talk like natives. It will be like learning piano that should sound similar to Mozart. At the outset, you should practice speaking briefly and clearly.

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English learning is a never-ending process that involves an active state of thinking. You need to stimulate your brain with dynamic activitiesthat will exert it to understand the complexities of a new language.

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A common mistake made globally is having wrong or improper intonation just because the teacher had the same intonation.According to expert English teachers, it is better to speak in monotones as compared to having bad intonation.

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The main difficulty when approaching a new language, for instance Spanish, is to overcome the language barrier. When we want to communicate with natives sometimes we have to resort to “Spanglish” and in fact Spanglish is not only an isolated phenomenon anymore; it has become a linguistic reality. Spanglish is a PhD in some American Colleges, which has its own grammar, and there are even books published completely in Spanglish, for instance, the first part of El Quijote has already been translated into Spanglish.

Literate Mind and the Human Civilization

Written texts establish a detailed and extendable textual mind and become the frame of the literate mind as they record and transmit knowledge. The literate mind supports the accumulation of scientific knowledge and evolution of the created world. It is responsible for advanced civilizations and complex societies.

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The words “americano” and “indio” are very often used in Spanish for they describe the people who first inhabited the Americas. These words, however, are often misused by English speakers who learn Spanish. Learn here the keys to not get lost in translation and avoid misunderstandings when speaking Spanish.

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