Spanish Listening Practice – Finding Your Way Around a Building in Mexico

In this lesson, you will improve your listening comprehension skills from a Mexican Spanish conversation about finding a department in a building.

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Translation Services – A Pre-Requisite For International Success

With global expansion becoming a reality for most companies these days, it is time you took your company to the next level. However, expanding your business to cater to foreign markets will require more than just a smile.

Are Primary Schools Ready For The New Language Curriculum?

While the inclusion of compulsory language learning within the 2014 National Curriculum for primary schools was not unexpected, and is in fact celebrated, it has put pressure on schools to prepare. In theory, introducing language learning across Key Stage 2 is a great idea but in practice it will require a great deal of dedication and preparation from primary staff who need to ensure that their school will be ready to provide the teaching expected.

What To Look For In Foreign Language Flashcard Apps

There are hundreds of flashcard apps on the market for foreign and second language learners. Before you invest, here are 6 features to consider.

The Grammar-Translation Method of Teaching Languages.

This method outlines the history and methodology of the Grammar-Translation Method of Teaching English. This method is rarely used for teaching English today, but it was a popular method in the past.

Need For Hiring Translation Services

With more and more businesses going global with each passing day, the world economy has realized the change in the core concepts of business in the global market. Globalization and the development of internet related technologies has drastically altered the business scenario, which has further ignited a chain reaction in certain sectors, granting them opportunities for unparalleled growth which would have been unheard of in earlier times.

Tips For Hiring Professional Translation Services

With every business turning towards globalization, accessing a worldwide market creates marvelous business development opportunities. Given the ultra competitive nature of businesses on the internet, tapping into newer markets is no longer just an opportunity, but is slowly metamorphosing into a business necessity.

Why Should You Hire A Language Translation Service Provider?

The quality of the translation provided by the service provider also reflects on the efficiency of a business’s Quality Assurance department. A well translated business communication must use the right vernacular to convey the message accurately to its intended target audience, ensuring easy readability in the process. Some businesses opt for automated translation, most of which involves software converting the text of the given communication verbatim, emulating grammatical and contextual nuances at best.

Are You Hiring The Best Language Translation Service Provider?

Hiring a language translation service provider is a definitive necessity for any business seeking to move beyond national borders in the quest for new markets in today’s ultra-competitive business scenario. Language translation service providers help businesses develop their communications from one language to another, while maintaining context and fostering a level of connection with an entirely new set of potential customers.

Points To Consider When Hiring A Translation Service Provider

With businesses across the globe expanding into newer territories, language is one barrier that is slowly, but surely, being overcome thanks to the assistance of language translation service. Businesses are no longer content with marketing their products to a specific set of people. The level of cut-throat competition has driven up the need for businesses to expand into unexplored territories, and language translation services form the first set of services they will need.

Stop Forgetting Vocabulary and Start Using Flashcards

Using flashcards is an age-old method to get through the early stages of language learning. Here’s what you need to know about using flashcards effectively.

Language Translation – One Solution To Many Problems

Translation services into various languages are now easily available to those who need them. A number of service providers provide translation and interpretation services at affordable rates. These service providers not only cater to domestic clients within geographical limits, but they outsource their professional services to anyone in any place of the world and are beneficial for everybody.

Past Perfect and Present Perfect Tenses

A common bugbear among students is how the various tenses of English interact with each other. Unlike many Asian languages where tenses are absent, English does require tenses to be “in concord” (to agree) or else be considered poor writing at best (and a possible situation of misunderstanding in the making).

Which Arabic Is Right for Me?

Learning Arabic isn’t as easy as signing up for a class because as some linguists argue, Arabic is more than one language. Let’s explore how Arabic’s richness and diversity will shape your individual path of study.

TEFL (Teaching English As a Foreign Language) Certificate Programs

English is considered to be the most popular international language, as it is one of the most commonly used languages in the world. As a language, it has gained even more importance due to globalization. Many companies have extended their businesses beyond the borders of their countries. It has, therefore, become quite essential to have knowledge about English so that conversation among individuals becomes easy.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Not Learn German!

I wanted to give some kudos to my native tongue and write a top ten list of reasons why you should learn German. However, after doing a quick web research, I learned that there are tons of articles like this already on the web. So I decided to come up with an anti-list instead.

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