Spanish Listening Practice – Getting Mexican Spanish Directions

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Learn Mexican Spanish with! Do you find yourself only understanding small parts of Mexican Spanish conversations? Would you like to understand more of what that person said in Mexican Spanish right away? Then this Mexican Spanish Listening Comprehension for Beginners series is for you! In each lesson of this five-part series, you’ll see an image, hear a Mexican Spanish question and dialogue about that image, and have time to answer the question out loud in Mexican Spanish!

In this lesson, you will improve your listening comprehension skills from a Mexican Spanish conversation about getting directions. Visit us at, where you will find Mexican Spanish lesson notes and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

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Early Bilingual Learning: Is It Necessary?

The Importance of Learning a Second Language – As soon as a baby is born we are doing anything possible to initiate communication. We know the child is happy by smiling and wants food by crying. Over a short period of time this baby develops into a toddler that has a little brain like a sponge ready to soak up any new information before them. There is so much focus on language development at this young age. Some moms might not consider the importance of learning a second language in the preschool and elementary years. I have come to understand how learning an additional language along with age appropriate development skills gives your child a leg up in public and private schools.

Language, Culture and Linguistic Evolution Considered

Ask any linguist if people control language or does language control them and you will get reasoning and answers completely different each time. Thus, it is a conundrum always open for debate. We know that humans process information using the words that they speak, the definitions of these words and their meanings are therefore omnipresent in their minds and subconscious as they go about their daily endeavors.

Stop The Language Vandals – He Screamed

Is it just me, or have you also noted how our language is being botched these days? Not long ago, I was reading an educator complain about the use of “So” in the beginning of a sentence, much like the use of Umm, or hmm? However with the latter it is unintentional and whereas, ‘so’ was definitely intentional. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? The reason I ask is because I seem to be hearing this a lot lately, and although it is not proper grammar, I hear it more often with professors and educators talking to students or when watch academic videos.

Do Large Languages Spoken By Billions of People Have an Advantage for Evolving?

Large complex systems seem to work fine if you change a couple of factors now and again. These large scale systems also tend to evolve with new innovations and changes, as long as the changes are not too great and all at once. Major shocks to the system and Black Swan Events aside, usually such complex systems can survive catastrophic changes and recover, unless they lead to a series of cascading problems and total failure is inevitable. Okay so, nothing new here, but what if we call a major human language a large complex system – how much abuse or change can it take before the users of the language migrate to another or it just dies a slow and onerous death?

5 Rules for Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language can enrich a person’s life in so many ways, but many find that it is not always easy learning to master a new language. However, there are steps that you can take to help you become fluent in a foreign language. Using online translation programs can help you learn new words or translate a text that you would like to learn in the foreign language.

After the Grammar Schools, Who Teaches Grammar?

A recent article praised the supreme achievement of English education, the grammar school, which flourished for a few short decades before it fell in the 1960s to the scythe of egalitarianism and mediocrity. Grammar schools taught far more than grammar, but they rightly placed great emphasis on the study of language as the foundation of all learning. Since their demise, there has been a marked decline in the teaching of grammar that has been associated with a noticeable decline in the standard of spoken, and especially, written English, and brought about a situation in which twelve years old children in non-English-speaking countries like Vietnam know more English grammar than students at school in England.

When Talent Stands a Chance

When a person makes up their mind to learn with the best institutes or universities in the world but have never chosen English as their first language, they may see the future to be slightly off. It may be thought of as completely impossible for a person to be able to write a thesis or dissertation in English if English is actually their second language. However, the fact is that the world no longer holds any bars for talent and knowledge and it is possible for people to be able to successfully compete a thesis or dissertation project without having…

Learn English Online: Reading Exercise – Print Books or E-Books?

PRINT BOOKS OR E-BOOKS? Read the text below on the advantages and disadvantages of print books and e-books, then try to answer the reading questions at the end of the article. Good luck!

The Importance of Teaching English As a Foreign Language

As a result of globalization and technological progress, English as a language started to be widely learnt and taught. Throughout history, that language was influenced by other languages such as French and German.

Why Is Professional Translation Service Always Needed?

As we live in a global society where the border among the countries does not matter anymore and the technology can connect us everywhere, people need translation service more than before. There is a demand that keeps increasing every year and it is a good opportunity for freelance translators to offer their professional service.

Avoid Embarrassment in a Second Language by Avoiding IDIOMS

A major component which can enhance but also get in the way of successful second language acquisition is the use or misuse of IDIOMS. This article fully explains what idioms are and exactly how to avoid using them in the beginning stages of second language acquisition so that misunderstandings and embarrassment do not occur.

The Importance of a Second Language and a Language School

The economy today is getting more and more globalized, which means that people are interacting across countries and cultures; this was not the case before. To take full advantage of this opportunity, it is very important to attend a language school and learn a second language. If you learn a new language it will surely help you to correspond across cultures and run your business in places you wouldn’t have interacted with otherwise.

How I Use COGNATES To Make Learning Language Faster and Easier

In learning the French language or in learning the German language, English speakers do not realize how many thousands of words they already know in the second language before they even start. This article explains what cognates are and how to use them to make learning a second language faster and easier.

Typing Chinese Characters Using Pinyin in Mac OS X Yosemite

How to use Pinyin to type Chinese characters. Using a Mac computer with OS X Yosemite installed.

Turning An Ashanti Linguist From The Drugs Trade

The albino linguist, Kofi Adjare, was a preserver of the rich oral literature of Ashanti but he had been misled into helping a Kumasi-based cartel sending Venezuelan cocaine to England. His motive was not the pursuit of pecuniary gain but seeking revenge on his former colonial masters for corrupting the ancient culture of his people. It fell to Kwame Mainu to try to convince the venerable elder to stop sending drugs overseas and join an effort to prevent their sale to the youth in Ghana.

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