Spanish Listening Practice – Getting Some Groceries in Mexico

Learn Mexican Spanish with! Do you find yourself only understanding small parts of Mexican Spanish conversations? Would you like to understand more of what that person said in Mexican Spanish right away? Then this Mexican Spanish Listening Comprehension for Beginners series is for you! In each lesson of this five-part series, you’ll see an image, hear a Mexican Spanish question and dialogue about that image, and have time to answer the question out loud in Mexican Spanish!

In this lesson, you will improve your listening comprehension skills from a Mexican Spanish conversation about grocery shopping. Visit us at, where you will find Mexican Spanish lesson notes and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

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The Main Setbacks of Content and Language Integrated Learning

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is a very popular means of instruction in modern schools. This approach fosters learning a foreign language through content instruction. However, there are some problems that affect both teachers and students when implementing such approach, and these are the main topic of discussion of this article.

Chinese Tone Pairs: How to Practice and Master Mandarin Tones

There is a general perception that tones are quite difficult to learn as far as the Chinese language is concerned. However, this is far from the truth; it is very easy to learn the tones and you can be assured the rest of the language will fall into place once you have tones figures out. Ideally, every language has tones and a good starting point would be establishing your neutral voice.

5 Ways to Practice Chinese in Beijing

As a foreigner you do not have to panic about the language when you are in Beijing. You can easily learn and master the Chinese language. It is important to note that there are quite a number of languages that are spoken in China.

Teaching English in Italy: Some Challenges That Italian Language Learners Face When Learning English

Based on experiences learning Italian and teaching English, the author points out some of the roadblocks that can be easily remedied while teaching English in Italy. There are primarily four obstacles faced by Italians who are learning the English language. This article is useful for anyone who wants to teach English in Italy or who already has landed a position in public or private education.

Why I Recommend Duolingo to Anyone Who Wants to Learn a Foreign Language

For those who may not be familiar with Duolingo, it is a foreign language app that you can download on your smartphone. It is very useful and has helped me thus far.

Main Historical Stages of the English Language Formation

The English language laid its foundation from the German branch of the Indo-European language family. This proto-language formed the basis of modern Great Britain. Historically, English was closely linked to the history of the country, in which three periods were formed: Old English, Middle English and New English. The most important historical events of that time had a huge influence on formation of the Old English language – that is formation of four Anglo-Saxon kingdoms with subsequent formation of four Anglo-Saxon kingdoms on their territories, that prompted creation of the four main dialects, as evidenced by the history of the English language, as well as Christianization of Britain, wars with Scandinavian Vikings.

5 Paradigms of Language Teacher Professional Development

For second and foreign language teachers, the job of teaching is dynamic, with changes in our field happening all of the time. From new policies to evolving theories, language teachers must engage in targeted and meaningful professional development (PD) to stay current. There are five paradigms to PD, and understanding each can help teachers navigate the spectrum of opportunities given their local context, available resources, and personal goals.

Advantages of Hiring Translators When Doing a Business

The world is composed of people who speak different languages, but despite that, one language helps bridge gaps and break communication barriers – the English language. It serves as a universal language that influences the global business, politics, commerce, trade and entertainment.

Benefits of Translation Services

Besides connecting people around the globe, the Internet is also responsible for global business growth because it enabled companies to reach customers all over the world. Even if the Internet brings all these advantages to all people, businesses still consider language as a barrier that keeps them from reaching a much wider audience. Though many companies use the English language as a medium of communication, many countries still opt to converse using their native language.

Second Language Acquisition: Swain’s Output Vs Krashen’s Input

Is it possible to reconcile Swain’s output and Krashen’s input theories? Or are these two views incompatible extremes?

Professional Certified Chinese Translation Services

For companies around the world, the Chinese market is becoming progressively fascinating. With over 1.3 billion citizens from 56 cultural subdivisions, connecting with Chinese establishments calls for local knowledge, expert understanding, and real-world experience.

English Is The Language Of International Communication

Even now English is a compulsory second language learnt in schools in many countries on different continents. For example, this year, France was shocked by the decision of its government to implement an educational reform and make teaching of English in all French secondary schools compulsory on the equal basis as French and mathematics.

Why Should You Learn the Language If You Live Abroad?

Well it has always been my intention to learn Spanish now that we are wintering here in the sun. Why, well I think it is courteous to the local people to fit in and be able to converse with them, not be expecting them to understand us. Also as I’m finding out it would make living here more convenient on occasions and less stressful. How else are you going to understand their customs anyway?

Software Localization: Choosing a Professional Translation Services Provider

The last five years have aptly demonstrated that sky is literally the limit for a good technology or software in this era. Boundaries have blurred and constraints have dissolved as more and more users open their ears, wallets and desks for the latest toy on the block or the hottest software to grab. The more intuitive a product is, the better its chances to be readily absorbed in an ever-expanding global market.

Standard American English and General American English: What They Mean and How They Originated

During my many years of working individuals who speak English as a second language, only one of my students has ever asked me what Standard American English is and how it originated. While I always knew what the term meant, I never really knew how or when it originated. I thought this was a great question! So I dedicate this article to my student, JZ and hope this article answers his question. I’m sure many of you out there have wondered the same thing.

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