Spanish Listening Practice – Listening to a Mexican Forecast


Learn Mexican Spanish with SpanishPod101.com! Do you find yourself only understanding small parts of Mexican Spanish conversations? Would you like to understand more of what that person said in Mexican Spanish right away? Then this Mexican Spanish Listening Comprehension for Beginners series is for you! In each lesson of this five-part series, you’ll see an image, hear a Mexican Spanish question and dialogue about that image, and have time to answer the question out loud in Mexican Spanish!

In this lesson, you will improve your listening comprehension skills from a Mexican Spanish weather report. Visit us at SpanishPod101.com, where you will find Mexican Spanish lesson notes and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

Find out more, go to: http://www.spanishpod101.com/2014/02/11/spanish-listening-comprehension-for-beginners-4-listening-to-a-mexican-forecast/


Learning English by Audiobooks

For many people, conventional learning methodology does not give the possibility to communicate with native speakers of the language. Accessibility of communication with a tutor, as an option, is complicated with the financial issue. If there is no constant practice, the speech skill is being forgotten, knowledge is being lost. Therefore, recovery of knowledge should take place in conditions of continuous practice of English speaking. Given this method, many people, that come to an English-speaking country, are taught English in a very short period. For those who can not live in another country of the studied language, a good assistant in learning English will be audiobooks.

How To Learn Chinese Characters Simply and Efficiently

This article takes a look at a study on methods used by adult students to learn Chinese characters. It offers recommendations on several practices that learners of Chinese can adopt in their routine to help acquire the language and master the characters.

How To Communicate Effectively With The Japanese?

How should you address your colleagues in Japan? What is enryo? What are tatemae and honne? Knowing how the Japanese communicate will make your communication with the Japanese much more productive.

Certified Translation Service – An Art of Expanding Business in the Foreign Land

Particularly talking about translation, it involves conversion of a word or text on to other equivalent language. Certified translation service is useful for corporate companies, as it works globally. It offers the facility of translating a document for official purpose in a particular locality or country and checks the translated document repeatedly to give 100% accuracy.

Using Newspapers in the TEFL Classroom As Authentic Reading Material

Article about ways that TEFL teachers can use newspapers to teach English to ESL students. ESL students can improve their reading comprehension and English skills by using newspapers as authentic reading material.

GRE and TOEFL, Your Ticket Abroad

It is common knowledge that GRE and TOEFL are the necessary tools to get into any good college abroad. The main area of interest here is proficiency in the English language. Let’s take a look at what it takes to ace these tests.

Creativity and Language Learning

Can learning a new language increase one’s creativity? A look at Bilinguals.

Want a Smarter, Healthier ‘Noggin? Become Bilingual

When I tell people I work at a language company, complete strangers excitedly ask me what languages I speak fluently. I usually mumble something about knowing a little French and German, languages I have studied in the past. Typically, they all lower their gaze as if ashamed for me. I can speak English fluently, solve difficult Sudoku puzzle in record time, hold my own while watching Jeopardy, skillfully mimic foreign accents, and yet I am woefully inept at speaking another language.

5 Mistakes Made When Learning English As a Second Language

Mistakes made by English learners. Quite often it’s down to having the wrong approach in the first place.

Translation in Literature: Old and New Approaches That Should Be Implemented!

What makes a literary translation good? A literary translation is a tricky thing. Some things are better left to experts and this is definitely one of them.

How To Check Your Own Translation Like A Pro!

Making sure your translation is good to go can be tricky. So why not use some tips and tricks to make it perfect? Try these out before your next big project.

How to Learn Real English

What is real English? It is the English used by native English speakers – a language full of phrases, expressions and idioms.

A Study of Orientalism in Albanian Language

Albania has been occupied for about 500 years of Ottoman rule. During the five centuries of Ottoman yoke, Albanians were forced to adjust to many customs, traditions and as well as Turkish language, which we find in Albanian people even nowadays. But, what we are interested in, are Turkish words in Albanian language, which according to the statistics seem to be in a very large number.

Translator 101 – What It Takes To Be A Good Translator

Right now, there is a boom in income by becoming a translator. People who are bilingual or who have a good grip on another language can easily make money by joining an online solution and working for them. But before you can start earning some really easy big money, you need to prove your skills and prove that you are a good translator.

Hebrew Students Are Complaining? The Reason Why

Three important factors why students complain about school and learning Hebrew. One has to do with the teacher the other two with the textbooks. This article gives you the basics and will hopefully give you tools in making the right choices

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