Spanish Listening Practice – Rearranging the Office in Mexico

Learn Mexican Spanish with! Do you find yourself only understanding small parts of Mexican Spanish conversations? Would you like to understand more of what that person said in Mexican Spanish right away? Then this Mexican Spanish Listening Comprehension for Beginners series is for you! In each lesson of this five-part series, you’ll see an image, hear a Mexican Spanish question and dialogue about that image, and have time to answer the question out loud in Mexican Spanish!

In this lesson, you will improve your listening comprehension skills from a Mexican Spanish conversation about rearranging an office. Visit us at, where you will find Mexican Spanish lesson notes and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

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What Do You Need To Know About The IELTS Exam?

One of the most popular English proficiency examinations in the world is the International English Language Testing System examination. The IELTS exam is required from non-native English speakers who want to study, work, or live in English speaking countries.

Study Reveals Local Roots of Yiddish

Recent data shows potentially new and local origins for the Yiddish language. This points to a new and exciting field that merges genetics with comparative linguistics.

Points To Keep In Mind When Hiring a Service for the Translation of Website Content

In view of today’s broadened landscape, businesses seem very keen on expanding their operations from their native to new regions. In this quest, they need to make a few changes in their business practices and procedures. This may include translating their documents and website/blog/social media. If you are a vertical, looking to start your operations in a new country or region that speaks a different language than yours, and searching for a service provider to translate the content on your website, here are a few important points to take in consideration –

How Long Does It Take to Master a New Language?

The right answer posed by the question asked in the title can only be anticipated with how long is the length of a string? Languages have over the advancement of human civilization taken a shape that is far more than a means of communication. It is an end in itself.

An Overview of Maori Language Efforts in New Zealand

New Zealand has had a complicated relationship with the Maori language. This article examines some efforts made to preserve the endangered language.

Explore India While Earning TEFL Certification

“The one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, even taken a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for all the shows of the rest of the world combined.” Mark Twain has caught the enigma of the country in a splendored way. India has the charm to offer something which makes everyone ponder.

Teaching a New Language – The Most Difficult Aspects of Teaching Someone a New Language

Teaching a new language has different challenges according to the age of your students, and their proficiency on one or more languages at the time. Teaching children is a different type of challenge than teaching adults, but they can all be overcome if you understand them.

Teaching English in Asia

The Native Speaker Syndrome: A Conflict between Accent, Substance and Pedagogical Talent. This article is written to solicit some fair play policies from all the respected stakeholders in the education field be they private or government owned.

Teaching Culture in EFL Classes

To make pupils recognize that being different is something normal and should not be treated in a negative way, language learning should be embedded with culture. Realizing this relies primarily on any educational content that examines the social and behavioural characteristics of native speakers by engaging learners in activities that introduce cultural elements. For many scholars, culture is researchers mentioned that many approaches can be followed to introduce the foreign culture in teaching: cultural Literacy, ethnographic approach and sociocultural approach.

The Five Toughest Skills to Master When Learning a Foreign Language

The article compiles a few of the toughest skills to master when learning a foreign language, and points out the importance of each. Understanding them will make learning the new language more focused.

The Importance of Speaking in Second Language Acquisition

Speaking is a necessary component in learning a second language. A student who learns to speak first will likely do well in all aspects of the language.

What Are the Signs of a Strong E-Learning Translation?

Today E-Learning has taken Centre-stage in almost every sphere of education and development. Students, corporate trainers, trainees, vocational professionals and many more are taking advantage of this revolution that technology has presented.

Communication and Language – What Is the Difference?

Not everybody is aware that there is a difference between language and communication. You may think that they are similar and you would be right. There are both similarities and differences. This article explains exactly what they are.

The Importance of Learning Chinese As a Second Language

China is quickly becoming one of the largest economies in the world and still growing. Therefore it’s important for individuals working in various industries and the youth of the United States to try to learn more about their culture and language.

What to Look for When Looking for Services for Website Translation and Software Localisation?

In a truly global and technology-driven world, boundaries dissolve seamlessly. A software made today is as good and rigorous as the source language it has been made in and for. But software localization soon pops up as a red flag if this area is not adequately addressed before taking your app or website beyond the original market.

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