Spanish Listening Practice – Talking About School Subjects in Mexican Spanish

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In this lesson, you will improve your listening comprehension skills from a Mexican Spanish conversation about school subjects.

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The Importance Of Email Translation For Business

Communication is among the most vital factors in the consideration of the development for any business. Thanks to the developments in communication technology, one of the most significant factors to consider is the impact of its globalizing abilities.

Easy Methods To Find The Right Language Translation Service Provider

Globalization is not only making the modern world smaller, but with advances in communication technology, it is also making the world much more efficient. This also means that businesses are becoming more and more competitive, since not only do they have to compete with local business, but with international corporations as well.

The Need Of The Day – Translation Services

With the competition in the market getting fiercer, business owners must constantly look for better prospects and as a result the global market cannot be ignored any longer. However, to make it into the global market, it is necessary that you must translate all your messages into other languages, so that people speaking the other language can find it easier to understand your motives and services.

The Uses of the Present Simple Tense in English

This article seeks to explain the uses of the present simple tense. The present simple is used for a number of reasons in the English Language. Find out how to use it in this article.

Information About Teaching English in Cambodia

Get some practical information about teaching English in Cambodia. Get helpful advice about how to find job, visa requirements, salary expectations and living costs.

Is The Third Language Easier for Bilingual Children?

Bilingual Children obviously have an advantage when it comes to learning their first and second languages, but recent studies show that they actually have an advantage learning future languages as well. Earlier studies have shown that a child’s ability to learn a second language starts to diminish at around age one.

Minority Language at Home

While there would be an infinite number of ways to raise bilingual children, the two that stand out to me are One Parent One Language and Minority Language at Home. The one covered here will be Minority Language at Home.

Foreign Languages Will Be Compulsory In England in 2014

Starting in the year 2014, foreign Languages will be compulsory in England. Students, beginning at age seven, will be able to choose from a list of languages: Mandarin, Latin, Greek, French, German and Spanish.

Being Bilingual and Neuroplasticity

It used to be thought that neuroplasticity went away at a certain age, however recent research is showing us that our brains change and grow well into the golden years. Neuroplasticity is also known as brain plasticity. It refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses.

Understanding the IELTS and IELTS Coaching

An introduction to the IELTS, and to the various approaches to preparing for the IELTS exam. This article outlines the benefits and drawbacks of different coaching methods.

How Many People Are Bilingual? Quick Facts!

How many people are bilingual in this world? Any idea?

Japanese Genkouyoushi and Essay Tips

It’s a type of paper used in all manuscripts of writing in Japanese. Vertical writing usually starts from right to left and top to bottom. Horizontal writing starts from left to right and top to bottom.

Bilingual Staff – Are They A Substitute For Professional Translators?

Many global companies find that having bilingual staff is very beneficial, as they can carry out their business in more than one language. However, asking such staff to carry out translation duties also is not a good option. There are many reasons why you should hire professional translators, instead of making your bilingual staff carry out translation responsibilities.

Free Translation Services – Are They The Way To Go?

Translation software has played an increasingly important role in helping individuals to overcome language barriers. These language barriers cropped up with the advent of globalization, which created a lot of interactions between people of different cultures and countries. Translation services have enabled companies to reach a wider audience.

Basic Criteria For Selecting A Translation Service Provider

With a large number of languages being spoken in the world, there is a great need for translation companies to provide their services, so that the language barriers can be broken. Translating information from one language to another is not an easy task at all.

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