Spanish Sentence Pattern: Conditions & Contingencies

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In this video, we will tell you how to use Spanish sentence pattern regarding conditions and contingencies.
We want to help you improve all your skills: Spanish grammar, Spanish listening, Spanish reading, Spanish speaking, Spanish writing, Spanish vocabulary and Mexican culture knowledge.
This is the best place to start learning the Spanish language!

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Why Chinese – Mandarin – Is One of the Easiest Languages to Learn – Reason 5

In my first 4 articles I have shown various reasons why Mandarin Chinese is an easy language to learn due to its simple verb structure for past present and future tense. Unlike French or other languages that change the verb constantly depending on tense and also depending on pronoun i.e. I, you, he, they etc.

The Changing Landscape of Translation Services

There was rapid and massive changes over the last few years in language services industry. Translators were in-house, working 9 to 5 and generally paid a fair, but not extravagant, wage.

Spain Or Latin America? Which Spanish Do You Want to Learn?

Which Spanish, you ask? Yes, there are differences in the Spanish spoken in Spain and Latin America. Many non-Spanish speakers don’t realize this truth. Before you start to learn Spanish, you may prefer to decide which version you would like to learn.

Learning Twi Online

A series of language learning courses, tested by users and improved over a number of years, are now available for the everyday person. Developed for use by government institutions, these courses cover just about every language out there, including the interesting Ghanan language of Twi.

Learn Spanish With Music – A Musician’s Guide to Learning Spanish

Music is called the universal language for good reason. Favorite music shared from one person to another can be the starting point for friendly conversation. You can let music be your beginning for learning Spanish. Here is one musician’s guide to learning Spanish online with music.

To Learn Spanish Easily, Immerse Yourself in Its Sound

Most people who embark on learning a second language do so to have richer travel experiences, or because they work with or are friends with people who speak another tongue. Too many language courses and instructors go about teaching in the wrong way.

Spanish Language Software Review

If you want to learn any foreign language, you got to have diligence as well as patience. Learning different kinds of languages require a good ear for some of the languages are difficult to pronounce and remember.

Learn Spanish Fast With Speak Spanish Software

Why is it that you are very eager to speak Spanish? Do you want something fun and educational to do during your free time? Or, are you planning to see Spain one of these days? No matter what your reasons are in trying to speak Spanish fluently, there is a very effective speak Spanish software available online that can definitely help you.

French – A Beautiful Language, But Why Would You Bother to Learn It?

Have you ever really wanted to learn French but felt you couldn’t justify the indulgence? Or have you been too scared to give it a go in case it’s too hard? Or even worried other people might think you’re a bit strange? Well a little bit of strange can be a good thing.

How to Improve Spoken English

There has been many cases, when it is seen that people say that, if you buy their book, then can learn to speak fluent English. This thing is of great concern, and so Improve Spoken English has come up with this article to shed all the myths behind this theory. No book can teach you how to speak in English.

Getting a Handle on Spanish For Beginners

Whether you would like to open yourself up to new job opportunities or you are in a place where you love the idea of reconnecting with a language that you used to love, you will find that learning Spanish is something that you need to consider. If you are interested in Spanish for beginners, you are starting with a clean slate and you have the ability to learn the language from the ground up. Take some time and consider how speaking Spanish can benefit you and how you are going to learn.

5 Reasons to Learn Spoken Spanish Before Your Trip to Puerto Rico

Spanish is the primary language of Puerto Rico. Although many Puerto Ricans also understand English, the language that the island inherited from Spain remains numero uno. There are at least five good reasons to learn spoken Spanish if you’re planning a visit to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Spanish – What’s the Difference?

Spanish in Puerto Rico has a number of little quirks that make it different from Spanish you might hear elsewhere. Rest assured, though, that if you learn how to speak standard Spanish before heading to Puerto Rico, you will be able to understand and converse with the locals without a problem. And, you will have a lot more fun than if you only speak English.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica – Fire Dancing, Yoga, and Learning Spanish – Just Imagine!

What would you give to spend just 2 weeks learning Spanish at La Escuela del Sol? Imagine that: The School of the Sun. Classroom instruction every day, plus the chance to combine that with yoga, surfing, scuba, or fire dancing sounds like heaven on Earth.

Do You Need to Learn Spanish to Visit Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island with exciting towns and cities as well as scenic wonders such as the El Yunque rainforest and the so-called bioluminescent bays, where glowing microorganisms put on a show for kayakers who venture into their waters at night. Travelers from the United States don’t need a passport to visit Puerto Rico, and in the most touristed parts of the island, they don’t need to know how to speak Spanish. Puerto Rico has been a U.S. possession for more than a century, and as a result a large part of the population is fully bilingual.

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