Spanish Sentence Pattern: Make Promises – prometo (que)… Get 47% OFF to start speaking Spanish. Ends in few hours.

In this video, we will tell you how to use Spanish sentence pattern regarding promises.
We want to help you improve all your skills: Spanish grammar, Spanish listening, Spanish reading, Spanish speaking, Spanish writing, Spanish vocabulary and Mexican culture knowledge.
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Are Japanese Language Course Prices Worth it?

If you could learn a new language for a great price, would you? Most people would, but it is often the cost and availability of lessons in their area that stops them from furthering their education by learning a new language. Just how much do Japanese language courses normally cost?

Where to Find the Cheapest Japanese Language Course

When you want to learn Japanese on a budget, it will pay to take an online Japanese language course. This will allow you to learn the same quality education you would get from a class, only at a much less expensive price. But are language courses ineffective?

From Zero to Hero With an Online Spanish Course

Learn with an online Spanish course and you will be on your way to success in no time, as long as you practice and do your homework. Remember that there isn’t anything for nothing in this life. If you want to learn how to speak Spanish, put the necessary effort and the sweet nectar of success will be yours, guaranteed. We are so used to the online world that we take for granted that not long ago (maybe 10 years) we had to go to school if we wanted to learn anything. Now, the information is just at the click of a button, literally. That’s why there is no excuse not to sign up to an online Spanish course if you are really determined to learn the language.

Proven Tips to Reduce Your Foreign Accent

Accent Reduction What is an accent? Simply put, an accent is the combination of pronunciation and intonation. Varying degrees of these two factors result in a variety of different accents. This article is about ways to reduce your foreign accent for clear communication.

How to Pass the CLEP Spanish Test

So you want to know how to pass the CLEP Spanish test. You have heard that all CLEP tests are hard to pass. Other smart people that you know have even flunked these tests.

The “Wright” Game For an ESL Class

Mr. Wright is a great party game for ESL classrooms. It is a fun game for Christmas or any other party occasion. You have to supply a small gift…probably several since your students will want to play more than one game. You should have several scripts available.

Do I Really Need a Spanish Tutor to Learn Spanish?

Many people learning to speak Spanish ask themselves, and others, this question. In the United States, Spanish language speakers are increasingly needed to fill bi-lingual positions in education, business, and government. This is true certainly in most major cities in the United States, and particularly true in the Southwestern States that border Mexico.

Rocket Spanish Reviewed by Extended Travelers

Even though you may know some basic Spanish phrases, you will need to acquire a larger vocabulary and sense of grammar if you are going to live in a Spanish speaking country for any length of time. Today, Rocket Spanish reviewed by long term travelers can help you learn more about this particular language acquisition program.

This Rocket Spanish Review Can Show You How to Save Money

As you read this Rocket Spanish review, you may be wondering how you are going to get through college without taking on student loans. If you are looking for a way to stay out of this particular financial trap, then you owe it to yourself to start looking into Rocket Spanish. At the very least, when you know enough Spanish to pass a CLEP exam, you can complete as many as 8 credits worth of college work. Without a question, you can put that money to good use for something else.

Are You Looking For New Friends? Take Rocket Spanish Lessons Today

There will always be a times in your life when you want to spend some time away from your usual crowd of friends. While you can simply join some new groups online, you may also want to use this time to acquire a second language. For example, if you take Rocket Spanish lessons, you can start looking for friend that are native Spanish speakers. As you develop a better understanding of this language, you will also have a wonderful opportunity to make friends with someone from a different culture.

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