Spanish Transition Words!

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In this video, we will teach you Spanish transitions words. This is the best place to start learning the Spanish language!

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The Linguistic Environment for Language Learning

Respondent Aida Walqui said that the reviews by both Hoff and Schleppegrell supported that vocabulary is connected to a larger linguistic system and is only one of several aspects of language that need to be developed for academic purposes. If students wish to learn more vocabulary, they need to know such rules and try to carry them out as much as they can.

Learn Spanish Fast

Article describing various ways the language student can approach the challenge of learning Spanish fast. Several categories are looked at including the best way to learn Spanish and other learning methods.

Lifespan of Words

During the studying of any language, especially in a historical perspective, there is often a feeling that the life of words is very similar to the life of biological creatures, such as plants and animals. Indeed, words are born and changed throughout the whole life in a language, they are multiplied by word formation and migrated to other languages through the adoption and finally they are become obsolete.

Various Ways To Learn Spanish

Spanish continues to be among the most well-known languages which is spoken around the globe. Because of this, a large number of men and women have a substantial interest in being able to learn Spanish, but they’re not certain of how they will be able to accomplish this easily.

Learning Chinese Characters: 3 Essential Tips for Mastering Hanzi

The degrees of success people have when studying Chinese characters depends largely on how they structure their learning. When learning Chinese characters, it is imperative that you break everything down into individual components. This article is going to describe three important components you must understand to have a successful learning experience.

The Top Four Languages To Learn

With so many languages being spoken around the world, it is often difficult to choose which are the most important to learn. While there are some obvious selections, you may be surprised at what experts deem to be the four most important.

Why Study Irish?

I suppose this is a question you could ask about studying any language. Irish (Gaeilge) originated in Ireland and was historically spoken by the Irish people. Unfortunately like many languages it is now spoken only by a small minority of the Irish population as their first language.

Latin Is An Important Foreign Language Class For Students

The close study and intimate understanding of language is perhaps one of the most undervalued pursuits in modern education. We live in a world which is ruled and made by technology, and all too often we conclude, as a result, that the only worthwhile subjects for studying are those that pertain to computers, sciences, engineering, and things along those lines. While those topics certainly have their own merits, and they should certainly be studied as well, there is a lot of value in studying the humanities, and subject like Latin.

How To Say I Should Have or I Could Have Done Something In Spanish

Many of my learning-Spanish students have asked me how do you say I should have or I could have done something in Spanish. For example, “I should have made dinner reservations.” Lets take a look at how we express this idea in Spanish.

Learning Spanish Online – A Universal Alternative

With over 400 Million people world wide using Spanish as their primary language, Spanish is one of the most used languages on the planet. Here in the United States, the Spanish speaking population is growing geometrically, with immigrants continually arriving from the south…

Learn How to Speak Spanish Language

Do you wish to communicate with Spanish speaking people? Do you sometimes wonder what are those Spanish speaking people saying? Do you want to visit the country where Spanish is been used but since you do not understand the language you are worried? Whatever may be the reason; there is no particular time to learn Spanish language. So now pull up your socks and start learning Spanish yourself.

English in the Philippines – Why Is It Widely Spoken?

Even though English is not the most spoken language in the world, it has gained popularity from certain countries. Among the countries who used English as their secondary language, Philippines has the highest number English speakers. This is one reason why a lot of foreign investors prefer to expand their business in the country.

Common Grammatical Errors

For many people, English is not a native language. Even native speakers face problems at times when it comes to making sure that their written grammar is correct. Perfect grammar is not hard to achieve, but it requires a lot of practice.

Learn a Language Fast: 3 Great Ways to Improve Your Speaking Abilities

In my years of being a language instructor I have met thousands of students who have spent years learning a language but who cannot speak a lick of it. Sure, their test scores are off the charts, and they understand grammar points that even many native speakers don’t fully grasp. Their lack of speaking skills can be attributed, of course, to the fact that they never actually speak out using their target language. Most make the excuse that they have no chance to speak with native speakers. This need not be the case for you. In this article, I will show you three great ways to practice speaking in a foreign language, even if you never meet, in person, someone who speaks your target language.

On Learning a Language: What Is Grammar?

Grammar is much sexier than it first appears. The Scots were quick to realise this, for they used ‘grammar’ to describe the magical quality of words, and pronounced it a wee bit differently from those of us south of the border. Before long English had a new word, ‘glamour’.

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