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This is your Spanish Monthly Review, in this video you will learn the secret of successful language learning, tipping points ! Also you will discover what are the resources you can get for free on SpanishPod101.com this month!
Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced learner, this video is made for you as we give you the best learning tips and strategies. This is THE place to start if you want to start or improve your Spanish learning strategy.

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Rocket Spanish – Learning Spanish Started it All

Rocket Languages has taught over 50,000 online students since its start in 2004, but the first language program launched online was Spanish, and Spanish remains the most popular language offered. Because the company develops programs based upon the number of Internet inquiries it receives, it’s a sure bet that Rocket Spanish has the program components it needs to remain at the top of the tree.

Fast Learn Spanish Verbs – Past Imperfect

There are two simple past tenses in Spanish: imperfect and preterit. Preterit refers to something that happened in the past at a specific time. The preterit should be your lifeline tense. Sometimes though you will have no choice but to use the imperfect. Here are some of the rules of its usage.

Learn Spanish With Rocket Spanish – Why is This Program So Popular?

Rocket Spanish began as the brainchild of Mark Ling, a Canterbury University student who was studying Spanish part time. He wanted online materials to supplement his Spanish language learning. Discovering that there wasn’t much available, he decided to create his own. And that is the beginning of a program that is so popular, that combined with the other languages offered, it has helped to launch Ling’s company into an over $2 million enterprise in 5 years.

Learn English Online – Understand Better and Save More Money

With the development and expansion of the internet, learning English has become easier, cheaper, and much more fun. Learning English will help you gain access to a world of knowledge and help you communicate better in English speaking countries.

The Key to Teaching Phonics to Kids

Many kids have a hard time learning all the different phonics rules. This is further complicated by the fact that there are exceptions to just about every rule out there.

Should All World Leaders Speak in English?

Language allows people to communicate, learn, and grow which is the fundamental underpinning of society’s progress. In recent years, more people have begun discussing the question of whether all world leaders should speak English.

Rapid English For Korean Speakers

In many Asian countries where English is used as an official language for business and teaching, Koreans are always found to be there, looking for legitimate language trainers of English as the second language. Because South Korea or the official Republic of Korea is a democratic and capitalist republic it is indeed in need of the English language for commerce and other negotiations.

Pimsleur English For Korean Speakers

There is no more language that is vastly different from English than the Korean Language. Korea speakers find it difficult to learn ad even to speak the language.

Reasons For Learning Spanish and Why You Must Do it Now

Everyone probably has their own reasons as to why they want to learn a new language, be it Spanish or Chinese or German. However, there are usually only a handful of common reasons why people are jumping to learn the Spanish language instead of the other languages out there.

Quality Spanish Translation Services

Have you ever needed a document translated from English to Spanish? Here are some tips on how to get that accomplished.

Learn to Speak German For Business Enhancement

Being the primary language in the major parts of Central Europe, being able to speak the German language will put you in the most enviable and advantageous position for any businessman to be in that others are not. Properly equipped with such ability, you can tap into vast resources of the German economic platform in the most ideal way.

Pimsleur English For Portuguese Speakers

Portuguese people usually find it quite difficult to learn the English language. This is not only because English is generally a difficult language to learn for non-English speakers, but also because of the vast difference in grammar, sentence structure, sound intonation and use of words between the two languages.

Learn English in Rapid Time For Portuguese Speakers

English is the most spoken second language in almost all countries in the world. It is even officially incorporated in the educational systems. Even if it is not, people of different nationalities still have all opportunities of listening to it spoken because of those American and British TV shows and movies. This makes it easy for anyone, even Portuguese speakers, to learn the language.

Going Abroad? – Learn a Foreign Language and Do Some Brain Training Simultaneously

The good news about learning a new language is that you will not only develop your skills and get a bit smarter than you were before, but you will also train your brain to do some hard work. It is not every day that your brain is pushed to its limit, so a little brain training while learning a foreign language is like killing two birds with one stone.

How to Help Your Child Learn French

If you would like your child to become multilingual, one of the most beautiful languages you can choose is French. There are a number of options that you have to do this, and the one you choose should meet your child’s personality, learning style, and preferences.

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