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In this video you will discover how to improve your Spanish by taking actions..

Yes, even beginners can quickly learn conversational Spanish well enough to carry on real conversations with native speakers. Of course, beginners won’t be able to carry a conversation the same way they could in their native language. But, thanks to these learning tips and advice you will soon be able to speak and interact with real native speakers!

SpanishPod101 is the best place to get started with the Spanish language as you will get on your way to Spanish fluency fast. We provide you with everything you need to maser the language.

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Your American Accent: What About Intonation?

Are you sure about what you are communicating when you speak? You can practice your American pronunciation until it is nearly perfect, but if you haven’t mastered the subtleties of intonation, your American accent will still not sound natural and easily understandable. The English language is very dependent on intonation within a sentence to communicate subtle differences in meaning.

Learn Mandarin Chinese – For Chinese In Business Purposes

You want to learn Mandarin Chinese. You know it will help you with contacts in business, both in your western circles, and in Chinese circles. Isn’t it exciting! China has always had its art and culture to attract westerners – and now that both private and government companies in the Chinese mainland are more open to trade, if you deal with China, I would think you have many plans to fulfill as a business person and maybe a tourist! (Do you pour over maps of places you want to visit? I do…)

Difference Between Chinese Simplified and Traditional

The old Chinese alphabet is called traditional Chinese and the newer one is called simplified Chinese. It is important to understand the differences between the two forms when you are starting to learn Chinese.

American English Pronunciation: Are Word Endings Really Important?

You want to improve your American English pronunciation, and you want to find out which sounds you need to improve. Do you want to know one of the the most common mistakes I hear when listening to non-native English speakers?

The Widespread Enthusiasm for Learning Chinese

Chinese language second foreign language in America. with the increasing interactivities between China and America in areas like economy, environment, science and technology, Chinese is gaining its importance on the international arena. more and more people around us are making efforts to learn to speak Chinese. furthermore, one thing to be sure is that to master Chinese is helpful with our development both in work and life.

5 Basic Skills At Reading A New Language

Reading is a crucial part of learning. It does not matter what subject you are studying or what object you are observing, reading opens the path towards gathering knowledge.

How to Perfect Your Grammar in a Click?

Having at hand a software that is intended to check English writing is a big help to anyone who wish to write effectively or, at the very least, grammatically correct. With that in mind of the developers, they are now able to produce for public use advanced software to help you perfect your grammar.

Why the Grammar Checker Software Is the Cool Way to Check Grammar?

Here are seven reasons that make advanced English grammar and spelling checker software a cool grammar checker. 1. Your article will be scanned for a grammar check in less the time it would take you to finish scanning and editing your work manually.

Why Use the Cool Way to Check Grammar?

First and foremost, what’s the cool way to check English grammar? A highly advanced English software makes checking an English writing for grammar errors is a cool one. Why, is it not cool to be able to do grammar check in just seconds?

How to Perfect Your Grammar in Written English?

English writing can be intimidating for some people especially to those who think they have yet to fully grasp the grammar rules of the English language. This goes not only for the non-native users of English but even to those who have been using the language since birth.

When an Elder Brother Is Not an Elder Brother

In Chinese, we use xiong or ge to refer to an elder brother. As a young kid growing up in relatively westernised Singapore, in a family of only boys, I accepted at face value the use of these terms to refer to an elder brother – my two younger siblings use the Min’nan pronunciation of hia to refer to me, and my mother has always been very proud that they did not use the “less respectful” gor. Interestingly, even though we speak mostly in English, my brothers will still use the Chinese honorific when they address me.

Language Exchanges – The Best Way to Improve English

Learning any language requires a lot of hard work and practice. Many hours are spent taking English courses, watching English television, reading books, learning grammar rules and memorizing vocabulary. Whenever you learn something new it is important to put what you have learned into context.

Simplified Traditional Characters – Perception on Chinese Translation

In 1949, the government of China performed linguistic reform which resulted in the creation of Simplified characters set and Pinyin. However, the language reform was not adopted in all parts of the Middle Kingdom. Some territories including Hong Kong and Taiwan did not implement it, and until present they use the Traditional characters. The usage of two different characters set creates constant confusion among Westerners, who are seeking translation services between English and Chinese.

How Easy Or Difficult Is It To Learn Arabic?

Whenever you embark on learning a language best to know what you are getting yourself into. Once you know there is less of a surprise and the ride can be a little smoother. This article looks at both the challenging and less challenging aspects of learning Arabic. Some aspects of the Arabic language are easy to learn with other traits requiring extra attention.

Should I Study MSA Or An Arabic Dialect Or Both?

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is used for more formal settings as well as reading books and newspapers. But if you want to casually speak to Arabs then you will need to learn a dialect. The Middle East region consists of four major dialects and your decision rests on how you plan to use the language. Arabic native speakers are not familiar with all of the dialects but still manage to interact. Why? Because of the similarities. As for the differences, they learn as they go. This article explores the topic of MSA and the dialects. Arabic language students need to decide on a dialect and whether they want to study MSA only, a dialect only, or both together.

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