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Here’s what you get with the Innovative Language 101 App:

– New Users – Try It Free: Start your 7-Day Free Trial! 7-Day Free Premium Trial for new users with easy registration sign-up and easy in-app upgrading
– Existing Users – Sign In Now: Convenient Basic and Premium login and profile access for existing SpanishPod101 website users
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– Upgrade In-App: This is upgrading made easy. In-app purchasing of Basic, Premium and Mobile-only subscriptions available. (Kindle Fire users will be redirected to the SpanishPod101 website to upgrade)
– Full Language Library: New and archived audio and video lesson access covering the Absolute Beginner to Advanced levels
– Innovative Lesson Tools: You get PDF notes, Line-By-Line Transcripts and Vocabulary Lists with audio (Requires active 7-Day Free Trial, Basic or Premium Account). Mobile-only users also have access to these features
– Multiple Playback Options: Stream lessons over or download an entire series to study offline, on your own time
– Fully Integrated Learning System: Your lesson progress is synced between our websites and the App so you never lose momentum
– Personalized Learning: Curate your own learning plan in My Library. You pick and choose the lessons you want to study
– iCloud Sync: Never lose your lesson progress. If you close a lesson, you can return to it and continue where you left off in the lesson with iCloud Syncing. (Not available for the Android App)
– Exclusive Discounted In-App Subscription upgrades for mobile users
– Quick Customer Care: Easily report feedback and errors and contact our friendly customer support team from within the App
– 34 Languages In Total: Want to try another language? This App carries all 34 of our Innovative Language Courses from AfrikaansPod101 to VietnamesePod101.

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