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– Fully Integrated Learning System: Your lesson progress is synced between our websites and the App so you never lose momentum
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– iCloud Sync: Never lose your lesson progress. If you close a lesson, you can return to it and continue where you left off in the lesson with iCloud Syncing. (Not available for the Android App)
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– 34 Languages In Total: Want to try another language? This App carries all 34 of our Innovative Language Courses from AfrikaansPod101 to VietnamesePod101.

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Where Spanish Is Spoken

Spanish is a very useful language to know. It is the second most native-spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. Believe it or not but it’s the first language for about 400 million people. Another 100 million use Spanish and its words and phrases as a second language.

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Learn A New Language With Less Effort

Learning a new language is always an added benefit for you and if you are getting such a benefit with not so much efforts then why no have it now. As Online Education is gaining popularity speedily so take its benefit a learn language which is different from your mother tongue. As it may help you in many ways.

Master A Foreign Language With Satellite TV

All around the world, people in other countries manage to learn other languages to the point of essential fluency. Germans can speak with French people visiting their country in the tourists’ native language; Japanese college students can watch American movies on satellite TV without subtitles; Brazilians can talk to their Uruguayan neighbors with no issue; Norwegians can take classes in English as if they were in their native tongue. But take a survey of a random group of people from the United States, and you will find that those who consider themselves proficient in another language generally mean that they could order in a restaurant and possibly feel confident enough to ask for directions in their second language of choice (although whether they understand those directions is another issue all together). While immigrants from Mexico who come from impoverished backgrounds in which they received little to no education can muster enough English to get by in the United States, the average person with a PhD has to have the menu at Taco Bell translated for them. So what gives? Why are Americans so profoundly ignorant of other languages?

Rocket Chinese – Why Learn Chinese?

In answering the question “why learn Chinese”, one should reflect on the fact that the world has spent a good deal of the last 12 months in waking up to the formidable presence of China. Literally nowhere in the world has there not been a reminder of a stirring giant, and this in turn has caused a flurry of diplomatic activity and re-thought out foreign policies as Western countries scramble to reassert their influence in South East Asia.

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Learning a second language has quite a few advantages. Find out what these are for you if you were to learn another language.

Rocket Chinese – The Easiest Way to Learn Chinese

Learning a language can vary from being a fun and quick affair right down to deadly boring and serious. And there’s definitively no need for the latter, it just takes putting some time aside for a little preparation and planning before you start, along with understanding the easiest way to learn Chinese.

Rocket Chinese – Learn Chinese Pin Yin

Chinese Pin Yin is a system of writing that uses Roman Characters, thereby greatly simplifying their official written language of archaic characters. As it is not the de facto standard in China, its uses are mainly limited to inputting text on digital devices, however following Pin Yin pronunciation systems is a real boon for a learner of Chinese.

The Best Ways to Learn Spanish Phrases

Learning a new language is always a nice hobby to have and it also helps you find new jobs and new avenues open up for you if you learn a new language. If you are moving to a new country or if you are just looking at a new job prospect, having a new language on your resume just adds so much more value to you. Spanish on its own is a very useful language to learn and it is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and the benefits of knowing this language are multi fold.

How to Learn Any Language

The closer we can bring our target language to our primary language the easier it will be in the long run. I will show you what I mean by this in future lessons. Pitfall number one is that many believe that in order to learn a new language they need to learn it differently from their primary language. From here on out I will assume that the reader’s primary language is English. Even well meaning teachers in schools do this by teaching grammar right off the bat. Learning grammar right away only hinders our learning of our target language. I have yet met a parent that taught their children the English language in this manner. Would you get out a dictionary to teach your 2 to 3 three year old English grammar from the get go? No. Probably not. Did your learn English in this manner? I hope not! How boring! Most people shut down during this horrible process. How bland!

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Italian language is the most popular language in the world. The culture of Italian is great. Italian culture has a great deal persuasion all over the world. Back from the history Roman Empire was the reason for European Renaissance, Italian art, cuisine and most recently, movies.

Learning Italian Is Easier Than It Was With Rocket Italian

Learning a new language like Italian is not the same as it has been. The technological development has enabled us to communicate easier and travel easier. The barriers between cultures have grown smaller.

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If you’ve ever been interested in learning Hindi, this article is a good first step towards finding the right path to learn this language. Read on to learn about this language of over 600 million people worldwide.

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