What is the difference between: Adentro vs Dentro and Afuera vs Fuera

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In this video you will learn how to differentiate Adentro/Dentro and Afuera/Fuera in Spanish. You’ll be able to sound like a Native Spanish Speaker!
If you are an absolute beginner Spanish learner, this video is made for you. Our hosts express themselves in simple Spanish and English. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your Spanish language study. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Spanish.

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Advanced French – More Pitfalls Of The Most Important Verb “Etre”

The most common verb in French Etre is translated usually by “to be”. But to really master usage of the this verb, you should be very aware of the many pitfalls that learners face because of references to “to be”.

Advanced French – How Many Words Do You Have To Learn?

For everyday conversations in French only a small number is words are used. Although it makes sense to study these common words, it is important to remember that these common words often have many different meanings.

Advanced French – How To Master Grammatical Gender In French

Perhaps the most common and glaring mistake of English-speakers in French is getting the noun genders wrong. To master this feature, you have to understand how it works and then focus on it when listening and speaking.

Methods of Learning Sign Language

It’s a good idea to find a partner to practice sign language with since it requires a good deal of practice to use effectively. It’s a good idea to take a class with your learning partner or download the same program in addition to regular practice sessions. It can be anyone you see regularly: friend, coworker, coffee break companion, classmate, or relative interested in learning the language.

Learn Sign Language to Communicate With the Hearing Impaired

With any new language, flash cards are beneficial; it’s even more beneficial when learning a visual language like sign language. The flash cards should show a visual representation of the hand signal you should make for the word you are learning. They are easy to transport meaning you can either keep them around the house for study or take them with you wherever you go for a quick reference tool.

Ways to Learn Sign Language

Depending on what you need it for, the way you learn sign language will vary. You can learn at your own pace if you’re doing it to communicate with a deaf friend or as a hobby. You’ll need to be certified, however, if you’re learning to become an interpreter or for other career reasons.

How to Learn and Communicate in American Sign Language

Sign language is learned by people who are deaf and cannot hear what we speak. There is a way out for such people as they can learn to talk with other deaf people through sign language.

Advice About Learning Sign Language

In some ways, learning sign language is very similar to learning any new language. For one thing, the most important factor is how much you practice what you’re learning. Only opening a book every once in a while, or attending a class once a week, will make it very hard to retain anything.

Different Sign Languages and Learning Sign Language

Once you have decided that you are interested in learning sign language, the next step is figuring out which variety to learn. Just as there are many spoken languages, there are different forms of this communication as well. There are many variations even among English speakers.

Methods and Tips to Learn Sign Language

Depending on what you need it for, the way you learn sign language will vary. If you are doing it as a hobby, or maybe to talk to a deaf friend, you can learn at your own pace. But if you want to become an interpreter or use it for another career purpose, you’ll need to be certified.

How To Form Or How To Ask Questions In Spanish

Today I want to talk about an email that I received from one of my learning-Spanish newsletter subscribers that will help answer the question about how to form or how to answer questions in Spanish. She wrote, “sometimes I hear native Spanish speakers ask questions and they’ll put the pronoun before the verb and at other times, they will say the pronoun after the verb.”

Review of Pimsleur Spanish Approach and Reviews of Learning Spanish Courses

This is a review of Pimsleur Spanish approach. I will also give you some reviews of learning Spanish courses that are also audio based. As a Spanish instructor who is a native Spanish speaker, I am going to give you my professional opinion of these home-study courses. My own private students of the Spanish language have also asked me top provide such reviews.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Spanish or Any Foreign Language?

Today I will discuss what is the best way to learn Spanish or any foreign language. I will provide you with 3 questions that you need to ask yourself. Your answers to these 3 questions that will help you decide which is or what is the best way for you to learn Spanish or any another foreign language.

Learning Spanish Diminutives and How To Say Small In Spanish

Let’s talk about learning Spanish diminutive in Spanish and how to say small in the Spanish language. I have a story to tell you that illustrates this topic. Yesterday, I noticed yesterday that native Spanish speakers do something that native English speakers do NOT do when speaking Spanish.

Learning Latin American Spanish and Not Sounding Like a Gringo

Today I have a tip for learning Latin American Spanish. In a previous article I told you that I had come across some Americans here in Medellin, Colombia who are learning Spanish. I also mentioned that I had noticed that there are common mistakes that they make. Well I want to tell you about those mistakes so that you can be sure that you don’t make the same mistakes.

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