What’s The First Step in Your Language Learning Journey?

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This is your Spanish Monthly Review, in this video we will tell you how to adjust your routine and learn a language from home! Also you will discover what are the resources you can get for free on SpanishPod101.com this month!
Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced learner, this video is made for you as we give you the best learning tips and strategies. This is THE place to start if you want to start or improve your Spanish learning strategy.

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Tagalog Language – Why You Should Learn It

Philippines is gifted not just with beautiful wonders of nature, but also with enchanting culture and warm people. Some have even found their perfect match while others got mesmerized by its beauty and decided to stay here for good for the rest of their lives. Indeed, as a whole, Philippines is such a fascinating country from its history down to its people. The country’s language is also an interesting aspect that one should consider learning when planning a trip to this remarkable place.

Machine Translation: Capabilities and Limitations

As of today, machine translation can still be defined as the holy grail of computational linguistics. While undeniable that this discipline has seen a significant progress in the last decade (especially with the introduction of statistical methods), translation between morphologically-rich languages remains an extremely challenging task.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Software To Learn Spanish?

There are many types of Spanish software available online to learn Spanish. You will quickly find there are several advantages of using software to learn to speak Spanish. By using software it makes it extremely easy to follow the pronunciation of particular words so you understand how to correctly say words.

Finding the Best Way to Learn a New Language – 5 Simple Steps to Get Started

If you want to learn a new language because you want to travel to another country or you want to work there, or you are marrying someone from the place, for sure, you would want to find the best way to learn a new language fast and accurate. If you are finding the best way to learn a new language, here are simple steps to help you get started.

What Does “Otsukaresama Desu” Really Mean?

This is one of the most versatile but mysterious words you will find in Japan, and a word that is used every single day. What does “Otsukaresama desu” really mean, though, and how can I use it properly?

How To Use Spanish Nouns As Adjectives

In this article, I will discuss how to use Spanish nouns as adjectives. A customer sent me an email that will help me illustrate my point and demonstrate how to use Spanish nouns as adjectives.

Learn Chinese Fast With These Easy Tips

The Chinese language is widely spoken, especially in Asia, and learning it can be fun and useful. Of course, if you want to travel to China or other Chinese-speaking countries, it helps a lot to understand the language and not just rely on translations and rely on guides who will translate everything for you. Of course, a good knowledge of the language can also help you in your career or any other employment opportunities as well.

The 10 Main Rules of Grammar Everyone Should Know

The fundamentals of thinking, reading, and writing are closely related. Remembering these rules makes writing easier. Basic grammar mainly deals with the parts of speech and making a good sentence.

Learn the Japanese Language – Tips to Help You Get Started

Learning the Japanese language can be a challenge as the language is written differently than the English language. Even so, learning the language can be fun and with some tips and tools at hand, and with some patience you can actually learn the Japanese language and enjoy it.

Try to Understand Language Structure

The effectiveness of different types of interventions is related to the complexity of the target structure. If you have the intention to learn a brand new language, the standard rules for learning you will have to learn. Simultaneously you should carry out all the things you have learned here.

Succeeding In The TOEFL Reading Section

If the Reading Section of the TOEFL exam sounds daunting, you should plan a preparation strategy and not just simply “hope for the best” like most students do. Spend at least 20 minutes a day on reading a variety of English materials and consciously make an effort to improve your English through what you read.

Learn Filipino – Why Should a Foreigner Know It When Coming to the Philippines?

This is a mind-boggling question and the answers are very subjective. Many foreigners buy books, tapes, visit websites and learn the Filipino language when they have to stay for a vacation, or visit their loved ones in the Philippines. It all depends on the objectives and interests of a person to learn the native language or not.

Learning Spanish Vocabulary Words For Eating In A Restaurant

In this lesson, we will learn some Spanish vocabulary words that you can use when eating in a restaurant. If you are thinking about taking a visit to a country where the people speak Spanish, you have to be ready to speak with the waiter in a restaurant. In this lesson we will learn some words and questions that can help us in this situation. In some instances we will not use the literal translation, rather the most natural way we would say something in English and its Spanish equivalent.

Substitute Future Tense in Spanish (Periphrastic Future) and Periphrastic Conditional

Today we are going to take a look at the Substitute Future Tense in Spanish, also known as the Periphrastic Future. This tense is used express ideas about the future. We will also take a look at the “Periphrastic Conditional.”

Learn German and Go on Holiday at the Same Time

There are teaching German institutes located in small cities surrounded by beautiful scenery and lakes. Staying with German families and engaging in conversation will help us increase our knowledge of this language.

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