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This is your Spanish Monthly Review, in this video we will tell you how to adjust your routine and learn a language from home! Also you will discover what are the resources you can get for free on SpanishPod101.com this month!
Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced learner, this video is made for you as we give you the best learning tips and strategies. This is THE place to start if you want to start or improve your Spanish learning strategy.

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Significance of an Italian Interpreter in Global Business

International business links have always been very lucrative. However, establishing powerful international business links can require a great deal of hard work and dedication. Italy has a strong business position in the global market. That is why most of the business firms are keen on entering into business deals with this country these days. Hiring an Italian interpreter can help you to cover a good position in the tight competition of so many other businesses.

Sequence of Tenses: Using Time Words Correctly in English

Good writing and speaking in English demands attention to the expression on time in the sentence. Obviously we can’t say “I will go yesterday” or ” I did it tomorrow”. However, there are other errors which are not as easy to spot. This article goes over the tenses of English and their use in declarative and condition sentences.

Roles and Qualities of a Professional Russian Interpreter

Interpreter is someone who represents or changes the words spoken by the source speaker from one language to another. Before getting into the job role of a Russian interpreter or any language interpreter, it is important to understand the difference between interpretation and translation. Translation deals with change of words from one language to another in written form whereas interpretation is done on spoken words.

Why Learning Chinese Is So Important

What is the importance of learning Chinese? With China’s enormous economy growth, it is now considered as the fourth largest economy in the world.And today, it is still continuing to grow thereby bringing in numerous benefits to the country as well as other people.

Learn Chinese For Chinese Speaking Jobs

Do you realize that when you know how to speak Chinese it can offer you job opportunities? Yes, learning Chinese can get you employed.

7 Golden Rules for English Speaking

English is an important language in today’s business world. It is very important to speak good English for success in the corporate language but it cannot be attained overnight. It needs good practice and considerable amount of efforts. Here are some of the golden rules to gain fluency in spoken English.

Selecting A Professional Mandarin Translation Service

You can enjoy business and travel opportunities with basic Mandarin Chinese language skills, this will allow you to communicate with local people. English and Mandarin are 2 of the most widely spoken languages.

Looking To Take Your Business Global? You Need a Professional Translation Service!

You should hire a professional translation provider if you are trying to expand your business global. A translation company can fulfill your all language requirements and that will help you to business anywhere in the world.

The Importance Of Utilizing Welsh Translation Services For Your Business

Welsh language could be one of your interest if you are looking for the business around United Kingdom, as it is very near of that. We will introduce welsh translation options for your business.

How To Practice Chinese In Your Spare Time

As they say, practice makes perfect. This may apply to every endeavor that you want to learn. Which means that when you want to learn the Chinese language, you need to find time to practice it.

Bridge the Communication Gap With Professional Translation Services

Being a business owner everyone should have understand that a big part of world is not very much fluent in English. To explore the business a website owner should also focus on regional languages and that will help local people to understand the things very well and solution could be a professional translation company.

The Importance Of Precision For Your Italian Translation Needs

Italian market is one who is very much liked by business and individuals both. Being an English native language speaker you would need a professional Italian language translation company to help on your business requirements.

Learn American Sign Language

Come and let us learn American Sign Language. What is American Sign Language? It is the sign language used in the United States by the deaf population.

Learn How To Speak Chinese Fast

In learning the Chinese language, a person can harvest a lot of benefits. That is why; studying the language is quite appealing these days. And more and more people are trying to look for ways to master speaking Chinese fast.

The Fields of German Language Translation

It is a most dominant language in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe. Over 118 million people speak the language, and more than 101 million people use the language as their mother tongue. Understandably, the demand for German language translation in the global $13.

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