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Spanish Speaking Tips For Learning To Speak More Fluently In Spanish

Today we will cover some Spanish speaking tips for learning to speak more fluently in Spanish. One question that my private students often ask me is how can they improve their Spanish and speak the language more fluently. I will provide you with 3 tips or techniques here:

Best Ways to Learn a Language

Do you want to become fluent in a foreign language? Are you looking for the best ways to learn a language? If so, read on, because you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to help you achieve your goal! Here are the best ways to learn a language.

How To Learn Colombian Spanish Or How To Speak Colombian Spanish

This article on how to learn Colombian Spanish or how to speak Colombian Spanish is actually an entry from my personal journal that I made in December of 2005, right after my first trip to Cali, Colombia and before moving to Barranquilla, Colombia and then to Medellin, Colombia where I presently live. Following my trip, I received so many emails from readers of my Spanish language learning newsletter asking me what did I learn about Latin American Spanish or culture during my trip to Colombia.

How To Make Comparisons In Spanish

When I first started learning the Spanish language, one of the most confusing topics for me in Spanish was how to make comparison in Spanish. I guess that’s because in English the rule is pretty simple. In English we use a “more… than” construction (e.g. She has more magazines than he has, she is more than 50 years old, etc.)

Tip For Speaking Spanish Emergency Words and Phrases

Today I will give you a tip for speaking Spanish emergency words and phrases. It’s the kind of tip that may come in handy in an emergency situation. I have a story to tell you that clearly illustrates the tip that I want you to grasp.

Learn Spanish Prepositions And A Simple Rule of Spanish Grammar

Let’s talk about learning Spanish prepositions. There’s one thing that really drove me “loco” when learning Spanish. When speaking about physical locations, Spanish speakers often use the prepositions “in” (“en”) when English speakers, at least American English speakers, would use “at” (“a”).

Learning a Language: How to Overcome a Lack of Available Learning Time

Work. Friends. Children. Household. Sleep. Relaxation time. Most of us have quite enough activities to fill our schedule. No wonder that “no time” is a major reason for not starting to learn a new language. This article offers three pointers that can help you free up time for learning a language.

Language Learning As a Road Trip: How to Find Your Way

Learning a new languages is like a road trip: there are many different roads that can lead to your final destination. Here are some tips for staying on track during your language learning journey.

German Language for Beginners: The 4 Language Skills and How to Master Them Easily

There are four language skills that you need to work on whenever you learn a foreign language. In this article, we look at each of the four skills and give you some great ideas for becoming highly skilled in each one.

Easy Languages to Learn: Do Not Choose to Learn a Language Because It Is Supposedly Easy

Ease of learning is probably the worst reason to learn a particular language. Here are three reasons why you should never start learning a language simply because it has a reputation of being easy to learn.

How To Learn Spanish Indirect Pronouns And A Learning Spanish Tip

Today I want to tell you about an incident that will help you learn Spanish indirect pronouns. I also have a tip that will help you learn any foreign language. There’s a recent post at the Learning Spanish Like Crazy forum that I want to tell you about because it demonstrates a very important point on the subject of learning Spanish indirect pronouns.

How To Stay Motivated Learning Spanish With Spanish Language Meetups

If you want to master Spanish and you struggle to keep yourself motivated, one tip that I can give you on how to stay motivated learning Spanish is to consider joining one of the many Spanish Language Meetups. A Meetup group is a group that shares a common interest and meets regularly face-to-face. There are literally thousands of local Meetup Groups covering thousands and thousands of interests.

Learn Chinese Online – 5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese

Chinese is a hot language these days. Why? Read on to see why you need to learn Chinese just like all your friends are and where you can learn Chinese online too!

8 Tips for Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese? Here are 8 tips that will help make you successful as you go about your adventure in learning a new language and culture.

Learn to Be Fluent in French by Learning How to Speak French

Do you want to learn how to speak French? Would like to get some practical advice on steps you can take to make learning the French language easier and faster? Learning how to speak French can be simple and easy. You can be speaking and sounding like a native French speaker with these simple steps.

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