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In this best of August 2022, we will review all the topics and lessons released this month on the channel. This is THE place to start if you want to learn Spanish, and improve both your listening and speaking skills
if you’re a an absolute beginner or intermediate learner.

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Some History to Help Put Learning German in Context

Learning German is made easier if one finds out a little about the history of the German language. As a language it is one of the major languages in the world, and it is also the largest first language in the European Union. German is still the third most studied language, so if you are thinking of learning German you are certainly not alone.

Why You Should Learn French on a CD

If you’re like most people, you studied a foreign language in school. And also like most people, you’re probably not terribly fluent despite four or more years of continuous study. Then perhaps you got an opportunity to visit France and decided, “OK, I’ll pick up a French home study guide, phrasebook or audio program at the bookstore.”

Top 7 Translation Failures of the Decade

I’ve decided to gather a few bad translations done by other professional translators. Here is a short list of the ones I believe were the worst in the last decade.

How to Learn Spanish Online – Is it Possible?

Do you want to know how to learn Spanish online? You have probably already made the decision that you want to learn this language, so the next important thing for you is to find the best and most value for money course around. Many people feedback that earning the Spanish language can be overwhelming without the right study materials, but I have managed to do it really easy and with lots of fun with an online Spanish course…

4 Ways Learning Spanish Can Improve Your Business

The world is getting smaller – at least seemingly so, now that we can connect with other countries with a simple click of the mouse. This globalization of our culture has created both challenges and opportunities for businesses. Tremendous opportunities come with access to potential customers around the world, and those who may have migrated to the United States from another country.

European English

The most important aspect of so called European English is in its use and application. Who are these users of English as a second language? When do they use English to communicate? Who do they communicate with in English? How often do they communicate with native English speakers?

I Failed Spanish in High School Over 50 Years Ago – Now I Have This Hunger to Learn the Language

They say that young kids between 6 and 13 are more suited to learn a language than are adults, something relating to auditory feedback and the dynamic period of growth for the language areas of the brain. I say it also has a lot to do with desire.

Why Should Someone Learn French?

In the 21st century, knowing a second language like French opens you to a wide range of possibilities. It sets you apart from others in the job market; it allows you to do business more easily with new markets and make you understand the French culture. But the best thing about learning French is that it helps you understand all the other francophone cultures on Earth that were and still are greatly influenced by the French culture. On top of that, learning French will help you more easily learn of other “Latin” languages close to French, like Spanish and Italian.

Open a Window Though a Japanese Language Lesson

For someone who is used to the English alphabet, learning a second language such as Japanese which has a different set of characters can be difficult. It certainly calls for a big adjustment.

Learn Conversational Spanish

With the many ethnic groups that most of us associate with in this day of age, having the basics of a second language has its advantages. One of the most common endeavors in this area is to learn conversational Spanish. There are a few reasons why this is a favorite of those that have opted to learn an additional language.

Teaching and Learning Modern Foreign Languages in the United Kingdom – Conclusion

Since September 2004, Modern Foreign Languages are an entitlement, which means, as explained earlier, that schools must offer pupils the opportunity to study one language up to GCSE. However, in practice schools deal with this new governmental policy very differently from each other.

The Best French Lessons Use the Latest Learning Techniques for Real Results

The way French is taught in most classrooms today is the worst method possible. Boring and ineffective methods kill any enthusiasm you might have for the subject. Fortunately, better methods have been developed!

French in No Time – Learn French Software

Leaning a second language can be both complex and complicated. It is challenging for the tongue to learn a new language and actually speak it. Most people try to learn a second language because it is a requirement while others choose to because they want to immerse themselves in a new culture. Some take studying in the four corners of a foreign language center

Teaching and Learning Modern Foreign Languages in the United Kingdom – Limitations

As the minister says, Spanish has recently gained an increased interest, as it is a very common holiday destination for many British people. However, France is still a traditional place to spend holidays, and the impact of this on linguistic skills is yet to be found.

Teaching and Learning MFL in the United Kingdom – An Analysis of Traditional Versus Modern Resources

Science and technologies is a topic that I investigated personally, in order to provide general knowledge about these issues to an A-level group. It soon became more obvious to me that there has been a huge evolution and progress in these fields in the last century.

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