Your Monthly Dose of Spanish – Best of June 2022

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In this best of June 2022, we will review all the topics and lessons released this month on the channel. This is THE place to start if you want to learn Spanish, and improve both your listening and speaking skills
if you’re a an absolute beginner or intermediate learner.

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How to Learn Business Chinese

Career opportunities are wide open in Asian Business. If you learn business Chinese you put yourself at the forefront of an industry where you are in demand. Take the first steps and find out how to learn Business Chinese.

Chinese Language – Learn the Stages of the Journey

When people begin learning Mandarin Chinese they don’t really know what to expect. There are different stages that are reached before complete fluency. Get to know how you will likely progress.

Get High Score For TOEFL

TOEFL is one important requirement to apply at a university or program. It is needed for any non-native English student who wants to study in the USA. As a matter of fact, the aim of the TOEFL test is to asses skills in English reading and writing of people whose native language is not English.

Learn Chinese Fast – Why University Classes Fail

The most recommended form of language study is to take a class from a University. Yet, studies say it takes 2200 class hours to learn Chinese. That’s four years of 3 hours a day. There has to be a faster way, right? This article examines the ways in which University classes encourage language learners to be average.

Chinese Language – Learn to Use Your Learning Style

Different people learn in different ways, and this is also true for learning the Chinese Language. Learn to master your learning style and make it work for you, to accelerate the rate at which you learn Mandarin Chinese.

How to Learn Spanish Online – 5 Easy Steps to Assure Your Success

This piece of writing provides a roadmap on how to learn Spanish online. It is certainly a challenge to learn any language online. But with the technique and strategies covered in this article, anyone can be assured success.

How to Learn the Spanish Language – 3 Steps That You Can Take Right Now

In this article you will discover three steps that you can take right now in order to learn the Spanish language. The first thing that you will need to do is purchase a home-study course for learning Spanish. There are numerous Spanish courses that you can buy on-line.

How to Build Confidence When Learning Spanish Online

More often than not, people learning Spanish online will do so without the regular opportunity to practice with others. Keep in mind there are many people out there with the same passion and desire for personal enrichment that comes with learning Spanish. This article provides some insights into connecting with others with the aim of building confidence when learning Spanish.

Bilingual Students – Earn College Credits With CLEP

Do you speak another language? Are you looking to earn additional credits either to fulfill college or job requirements? Then CLEP might be your answer.

Why You Must Learn to Speak Afrikaans Before You Visit South Africa

Are you planning to visit South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup or just as an tourist in years to come? Read this article and discover why you need to learn to speak Afrikaans today.

How to Learn Spanish Grammar – 3 Tools to Help You

In this article you will discover what are the three most important tools that you will need in order to learn Spanish grammar. The first thing that I recommend is that you buy a very comprehensive reference book on conjugating Spanish verbs.

Study Italian With Me!

I have a passion for the Italian language and am currently studying this beautiful language. I wish to share this experience and offer advice and tips which I found the way best to learn and progress.

4 Spanish Vocabulary Words You May Not Find in Your Vocabulary Book But You’ll Want to Know

In this lesson we will learn four Spanish vocabulary words. These are not vocabulary words that you will normally find in a Spanish vocabulary book. However, you should know these vocabulary words because native Spanish speakers commonly use them.

How to Learn to Speak Conversational Spanish With Immersion Programs

Many people set out to learn Spanish but make the mistake of not learning or studying how to speak conversational Spanish. After spending hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of dollars many language-learners discover that they wasted their money. This article discusses how to avoid this problem of learning a style of this language that is so formal that it is rarely spoken.

How to Learn Conversational Spanish – The Two Most Important Techniques

In order to learn conversational Spanish, there are two very important strategies or techniques that you must follow. The first one is to listen and converse in the language. Perhaps you can find co-workers or neighbors whose first language is Spanish. Explain to them that you are learning the language and you would like to practice with them.

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