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Speedy Spanish: The Quickest Way to Spanish Fluency

It is now possible to immerse yourself in the Spanish learning experience from the very beginning; there is a great range of resources online which allow you to be reading and listening to new material every single day. There are also resources for every level of Spanish, from beginner to advanced level, so you will always find something suitable for you. However Spanish fluency isn’t achieved overnight so in this article I’ve put together a list of advice and resources to help get you there as quickly as possible.

Spanish Documentaries Online: Top 5

One good way to improve your Spanish listening skills is to watch documentaries in Spanish on the internet. There are a good range of Spanish documentaries available online on sites such as RTVE and YouTube to name two of the more famous. Some of these documentaries were made in Spain or Latin America originally but some are translations from English and other languages. I have made my recommendations for a top 5 Spanish documentaries or documentary series for you to watch below, however, in reality, what best suits you will largely depend on personal taste and Spanish ability. This therefore is just a general guide to watching Spanish documentaries and the themes are quite diverse – my aim is really just to give you an idea of what sort of material is available so you can find the documentaries that interest you.

English Learning Kits for Interactive Learning

The digital and internet governed 21st century has changed the way people used to learn English in the past years. It has opened up new doors to various methods of English learning, & the most widely accepted amongst these is interactive English learning.

How To Work With Foreign-Language Exchange Partners

Language exchange partners are an excellent way to improve your speaking skills in a foreign language. The partner helps you in your target language, and you help the partner in English. Here are some tips on choosing and using a partner effectively.

Learning Spoken English Online

Often students don’t have the time to visit regular spoken English classes. There is an increasing number of websites that now cater for these students by providing online spoken English classes. They vary markedly in what learning tools are available and student capability level, but with the right research, online courses can be a viable alternative to the classroom.

Learn Mandarin Chinese Easily

Learning Chinese is a part of the curricula for a lot of people, whereas some may like to take it up as a hobby. Touted as one of the most difficult languages to learn, Chinese can be learned from experts. The best and easiest way is to learn the language online. Although the language requires plenty of efforts, it is best to devote your time and commitment for improving your chances of employment, enhancing your travel experience and negotiate internal business agreements. More and more people are turning to learning the language online.

Why Should I Learn Spanish?

Learning to speak Spanish can be a very beneficial experience. It can open you up to a large amount of possibilities. The ability to see things in a new, more meaningful way; the ability to look at things from a different angle. Interaction with a broader audience.

Learning A New Language Can Be Fun And Easy With The Right Tools

Learning a new language can be really difficult, but if you use the right tools and techniques it’s something that most people can accomplish. Learning a new language can be one of the most rewarding things in your life!

Spanish in Costa Rica – Top Questions

I will say that the difference between the second person singular pronouns in Spanish Usted, Tu and Vos -the equivalent of You-is the number one question on my list. Every single person I have taught Spanish has asked me this question thus by far an excellent question. After all, even those who have studied Spanish Grammar for years would like to know what is considered politically correct when they travel.

Spanish Movies: Top 10

Watching Spanish movies is one of the most popular ways for Spanish learners to practice their Spanish. In this article I suggest how best to use Spanish movies for revision, how to progress from easy to more difficult movies and most importantly provide a list of my Top 10 Spanish movies.

Learing French Online

Those that chose to learn French online will find that they will be speaking French fluently and much quicker than was previously possible. Whatever your reason for deciding to study French it will inevitably be one of the finest decisions you will ever make.

Interpreting the Metaphor Love As War

The metaphor of love as war seems to be one of the most popular examples of metaphors in our culture. And there seems to be several ways of looking at this metaphor, some advantageous, others disadvantageous.

Learning Korean: Using English Grammar to Master the Korean Language

Want to study Korean? Great! It’s an exotic language that is both fun and interesting to learn. And while it is exotic, it is not complex. In fact, its grammar and sentence structures were specifically designed to be simple and straightforward. They are, however, very different than the structures we use in English. Due to this, it is essential that you understand the basics of English grammar and sentence structure before learning the Korean language. This article will demonstrate exactly how having a grasp of basic English grammar will help you learn Korean, and it will give you an English language refresher course to help get you on your way to accomplishing your final goal, learning the Korean language.

Spanish Subjunctive: Common Triggers

In another of my articles I discussed the best ways to learn Spanish verb endings and how to conjugate different Spanish verbs. I believe it is really important to understand the context of each Spanish verb tense so once you conjugate the verb you are using it in the correct way. The subjunctive is slightly different however because the Spanish subjunctive has around 40 common triggers which you will probably ever actually use – this means that if you can learn these you will have a good knowledge of Spanish subjunctive phrases and won’t have to keep coming back to the complex rules involving doubt, expression etc.

Top Spanish Courses Online

For a beginner, learning Spanish has been made a lot, lot easier by the huge range of Spanish resources now available online. There are now a great range of interactive and mentally stimulating Spanish courses which take you through step by step from beginner to advanced level Spanish. This article recommends Rocket Spanish as the ultimate Spanish learning course but also suggests a few useful free Spanish resources.

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