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You Can Have a Great Spanish Accent – 3 Expert Tips For Learning Spanish

Yes, you can have a great Spanish accent. And, your accent will separate you from the rest of the crowd. Here are 3 expert tips for developing a solid Spanish accent while learning Spanish.

Teaching Business English With “The Billionaires”

“The Billionaires” uses suspense and humor keeps business English learners engaged with a complicated and somewhat tedious activity. At the end of the classroom activity, learners realize they have been challenged with both their English and problem-solving abilities-and will gain a great sense of accomplishment. This enhances the learning experience.

Learn Spanish – The Advantages of Knowing and Learning the Spanish Language

Nowadays, because of our present economic situation it is getting much harder to look for a job in any career market. You need to have an edge to other individuals who are also looking for jobs. You need to have a special skill written on your resume for you to be hired.

Get the Good Jobs – Learn Spanish to Increase Your Marketability

Not to beat a dead horse, but today’s economy and job hunting has gone to the dogs! With the economy in such a slump there are few things that will help you get a better job or the promotion you are looking for. If you learn Spanish though, your opportunities will open up!

How to Learn a Foreign Language

Particularly in primarily monolingual countries, people simply don’t know how to learn a language. By process of elimination, I think everyone can agree that 2 or 3 semesters of a language class in high school is not nearly enough for anyone to reach a level of usefulness let alone fluency in a language. The people who are classically most successful in learning a second language are those that start at a young age. Most commonly, they learned through lifestyle immerse in the language and not just a formal class.

Why Americans Only Speak English

Many people wonder why the great majority of Americans only speak English. Almost all Americans take high school and college classes in second languages, but very few reach a useful level of fluency. The underlying causes are fairly straightforward…

How to Raise Multilingual Children

Many expectant or new parents have the goal of raising multilingual children but don’t have any idea how to do it. There are a few ways, all of which will take some effort on your part. The easiest way is if you or your spouse speak a second language fluently. Then, simply using that language with your child as they grow up will result in at least conversational fluency.

Why You Didn’t Become Fluent in a Language in High School

It’s a common question: why am I not fluent in Spanish, French or Japanese ever having suffered through two to four years of it during high school? As you probably know from your own experience and that of your friends, high school language education helpful for ordering in restaurants, useful for getting into a good college, and perhaps makes a vacation seem slightly more authentic, but very rarely leads to a truly fluent level of speaking, writing and comprehension.

The Number One Fastest Way to Learn Spanish

You’re going on vacation and you need to know the fastest way learn how to speak Spanish. You don’t have a desire to be fluent. You just need the basics so you can navigate your way around the country, order food, find out where the facilities are located. The only way to learn quickly is to immerse yourself in the language. That’s how immigrants learn when they land in a new country – it’s all or nothing. So here are a few ways to get right to it.

Accent Reduction Tips For Filipinos

If you are an OFW, an Overseas Filipino Worker, or a native seeking a job in English, you may be concerned that your English skills are not good enough to compete with your peers. But what can you do? First of all, if you have not done so, you should enroll in ESL classes. These classes are a great way to learn the basics of English grammar and pronunciation. Look online for additional courses and practice opportunities. Speak English at every opportunity and don’t be afraid to ask others for help if you’re not sure about an English word or expression.

The Hardest Thing When You Learn Spanish – This Will Help You Learn Spanish Verbs Easily

One of the hardest things about learning Spanish is the verb system. I have given a few little starters here to help you master the Spanish verb system.

A+ High School Spanish Learning – Make the Most of Your Spanish Class

Foreign language classes are a regular part of high school life. Choosing which language to take can be a tough decision. But many students look forward to working in communities where Spanish skills are necessary, so they choose to learn Spanish. Here are some ideas for making the most of high school Spanish classes, and hopefully earning that A+ grade.

Beginner’s Spanish Course – The Most Important Part of Your Learning Spanish

A good beginner’s Spanish course is the most vital part of learning Spanish. A beginner’s Spanish course should satisfy the need of a good foundation. From there you will find your progress gets smoother with time. Once you have got over the first hurdle you are open to a world of rich historic culture.

The French Language Made Easy! How You Can Become Fluent in Less Than 3 Months

This article explains that with a good short plan it is possible for anyone to master the French language in a very short time. Of course you have to be interested and persevere but with some work and dedication it is possible to become fluent in less than 3 months.

Classes Or Computers – What is the Best Way to Learn Spanish?

Just a generation or two ago, learning Spanish could only be done in a class. Students and teachers spent lots of time speaking, listening, and repeating. It was the way things were done, and that was that. But today, computers have changed the way people learn all over the world. And learning Spanish has probably never been more fun than it is now.

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